Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Box: Packs 9-16 (The Hit)

This post is about the second group of packs from the 2009 Heritage High Series box I first posted about last week. This is the "middle row", if you will. As suggested by the title, the hit came in this section.

Pack 9:
626 - Tim Redding
651 - Nick Green

501 - Shane Robinson (Robinson has received a few call-ups in his Cardinals career, but has largely been invisible.)
UH70 - Wilkin Ramirez
UH227 - Edwin Jackson All-Stars

RP-09 - Chris Coghlan Rookie Performers (It seems like Coghlan is one of those one-year wonders.)
642 - Micah Owings
684 - Sean O'Sullivan

Pack 10:
550 - Daniel Bard
582 - Homer Bailey
UH7 - Brayan Pena (I wonder how you say his name... Bray-N?)
UH54 - Gerardo Parra Season Highlights

695 - Elvis Andrus (So many Rangers in this set.)

CHR128 - Vin Mazzaro Chrome Refractor 468/560 (Shiny.)
577 - Adam LaRoche
611 - Victor Martinez

Pack 11:
614 - Josh Outman (Great name for a pitcher. It's a good thing he didn't decide to play first base or something.)
641 - Micah Hoffpauir
657 - Vin Mazzaro
UH249 - Brian McCann All-Stars
UH270 - David Ortiz / Alex Rodriguez Classic Combos Checklist

CHR136 - Ryan Garko Chrome 0829/1960
675 - Ryan Garko (Ugh, again?)
654 - Omar Vizquel

Pack 12:
671 - Ross Gload
659 - Rafael Soriano
616 - Juan Uribe
UH41 - Xavier Paul
UH240 - Jason Marquis All-Stars

688 - Andrew McCutchen (Anyone need this short print?)
612 - Jose Contreras
595 - Jason Kubel

Pack 13:
586 - J.J. Putz

555 - David Freese (I hear this newly minted media darling is going to make an appearance on some new ABC sitcom at some point. Sounds hilariously awful!)
525 - Braden Looper (Looper is a reminder of the dark years between the recent Cardinals World Series wins.)
UH56 - Wes Helms
UH126 - Matt Tolbert

TN-6 - Roger Maris / Grady Sizemore Then and Now (One held the single season home run record for decades while the other is a free agent just looking for a second chance.)
560 - Derek Holland (Pre 'stache days... teenstache, that is.)
531 - Brett Hayes (Who is?)

Pack 14:
640 - Melky Cabrera
685 - Sean West
537 - Chris Gimenez
UH2 - Felipe Lopez
UH50 - Gary Sheffield

CHR185 - Jerry Hairston Jr. Chrome 1314/1960
513 - Andruw Jones
519 - Bud Norris (The bane of the Cardinals existence.)

Pack 15:
556 - David Hernandez
590 - Jarrett Hoffpauir
UH233 - Ramon Santiago
UH266 - Jonathan Broxton All-Stars

CCDR-PM - Jorge Posada / Mickey Mantle Clubhouse Collection Dual Jersey 32/60 (Did you forget that I mentioned "hit"? Wow, how did this happen? I was expecting something more along the lines of a plain white Adam Dunn jersey card, or at best a piece of plastic shaved from a chair at Olympic Stadium in Montreal. I suppose there are better Yankees that could have appeared with Mantle, but this is still great. I have no idea what's up with the ultra fuzzy Posada swatch, though.)
583 - Garrett Jones
575 - Scott Rolen

Pack 16:
617 - Julio Borbon
638 - Matt Maloney
636 - Orlando Cabrera
UH127 - Shane Robinson
UH271 - Frank Catalanotto

693 - Chris Coghlan (Another short print here.)
636 - Ben Francisco
605 - Alex Gonzalez

I'll be back later this week with the anticlimactic conclusion.


Greg Zakwin said...


hiflew said...

Awesome hit.

Maybe the jersey is from those couple of games when they switched to cotton uniforms thanks to the assistant to the traveling secretary. (Bonus points if you get the reference)

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Nice! Congrats.

night owl said...

I think the floating heads are the best part.

camclow said...

That is quite a hit! That is one of the things I dislike about dual jersey cards. Idk about you, but I would rather have just a Mantle jersey, rather than a Mantle/Posada jersey, but hey that's a really nice pull anyway!

Play at the Plate said...


That is a nice hit even if it is a Yankee card. I like that there are lots of Rangers...

Colbey said...


The Lost Collector said...

Insanely jealous. Great pull - Congrats!

TSHenson said...

Even though I hate the Yankees that is a great hit! I was wondering if I could put my name on the Roger Maris/Grady Sizemore card. I have a ton more Cardinals cards to get to you hopefully over the winter at some point. Tim

madding said...

Tim, unfortunately I need the Maris/Sizemore card for my set. You're welcome to any other Cleveland cards, though, including the Matt LaPorta Chrome card (see my latest post.)