Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photoshopped or Not: Paul Maholm

Sometimes it's really hard for me to identify a Topps touch-up job. I initially scanned this card from Series 2 with the intent on using it for yesterday's Airbrushed Fridays post. When I examined the card itself, it looked like a fraud. Often times on Photoshopped images, the lettering and logos look all stretchy and weird. And it seemed like the 'C' on Maholm's chest just about runs into his glove. After I scanned the image and looked at it all zoomed in, I started to have my doubts. A quick Google search led me to this image of Maholm's card from the Cubs team set, which is clearly 'Shopped. The thing is, it's doubtful (though not impossible) that Topps would have used a new photo for Series 2 if it wasn't the real deal.

Weigh in with your thoughts about this fairly insignificant card of a fairly anonymous Cubs pitcher in the comments section.


  1. It's either a really bad photoshop job or a really conspicuous looking road uniform. But the fake-looking hat and the yellow uniforms in the crowd is making me think it's a fake.



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