Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sheer Fleer

I'm still working on the 1985 Fleer set that I was so fond of as a child, so I decided to pick up a couple of packs from eBay on a whim. I'm still missing the biggest rookie (Clemens) along with a handful of other stars and commons at this point. Like the pack I posted over at APTBNL, this pack suspiciously contained 16 cards instead of the expected 15. There's good reason to suspect that every wax-wrapped pack has been searched and resealed, but I'm choosing to believe it was just a factory-made fluke.

Here we go back to the year that the Nintendo Entertainment System landed stateside...

- Mets sticker - Stickers > (flimsy) Puzzle Pieces > (tasteless) Bubble Gum

191 - Ken Singleton - Since I posted the APTBNL pack first, this pack is going to feel like the mirror version (or bizarro version?) Each pack yieleded a different Mets sticker and now I have a rare DH to match Don Baylor.

517 - LaMarr Hoyt - Hoyt found it difficult to duplicate his Cy Young season in 1984, but over the past three years he logged an astounding 735 2/3 innings.

606 - Mark Davis - Davis was coming off a 5-17, 5.36 ERA season at this point, but great things were to come for him. He ended up becoming a Cy Young winning closer in 1989.

277 - Pete Filson - I have no idea who he is, but he's geeked to be there!

365 - Denny Walling - Like Frank DiPino in the other post, Walling was a future Cardinal in waiting. I wonder what led to the decision to spell out "FIRST BASE" as usual but abbreviate his other position.

478 - Jason Thompson - Whew, so much yellow!

316 - Mike Witt - One of the better '80s Angels pitchers.

51 - Warren Brusstar - Brusstar sounds like some '80s satellite TV company.

483 - Dave Beard - Beard was just a regular guy who would drink regular beer with you. He probably had his share of Olys and Rainiers during his Seattle days.

651 - Zane Smith / Paul Zuvella Major League Prospects - Smith would go on to have a 1-13 season in his future, where he would post a 3.49 ERA and boggle the minds of anyone who didn't understand the meaninglessness of pitching wins. Which was pretty much everyone.

569 - Dave Stewart - Stewart was one of my favorite pitchers of the late '80s/early '90s, so I would have been super excited to pull this card back in the day, even though the picture has a weird printing flaw.

617 - Greg Minton - I wonder if hipsters realize they're trying to look like old baseball players.

348 - Bill Dawley - Another future Cardinal of the past.

415 - Keith Atherton

163 - Rick Miller - Miller was a light-hitting outfielder who was apparently so beloved that he spent two separate long tours with the BoSox.

382 - German Rivera - I have no idea who Rivera is, but I love that he's got a 1984 Olympic patch on his sleeve.

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Fuji said...

Love this era of cardboard. I didn't bust a lot of 85F, because most of the stores in my area had 85T... but I've always liked the colored borders of this set. Best of luck with pulling your Clemens.