Friday, September 19, 2014

Airbrushed Fridays: 2013 Topps #490

It's crunch time in the MLB. Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

Who is he? Cody Ross is a journeyman outfielder who has played for 7 teams in 11 big league seasons. While never an All-Star, his huge performance in the 2010 playoffs netted him an NLCS MVP award to go with a World Series ring.

How did he get here? After riding high with the Giants, who picked him up late in the 2010 season en route to World Series success, Ross found himself on the other end of the standings when he signed with the Red Sox in 2012. (This was the awful Bobby Valentine year.) After a single season in Boston, the Diamondbacks signed him to another free agent deal.

Repeat offender? No

Other versions of this card: None, but here's the original image.

Airbrushed Score: 5

Comments: Nice cropping. I guess he only needs one foot.

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