Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Not Quite Junk

No junk here. 

It's pretty amusing that Jaybarkerfan's Junk is named the way it is, because I'm pretty sure that no one who has ever received a package from him has ever found anything resembling junk. The SuperTrader founder who has, apparently, temporarily given up on the Atlanta squadron sent along a package that was basically 90% serial-numbered, shiny, gold-plated, etc. Quality.

Before I knew that 2002 Upper Deck Plus was ever a set, I discovered that there are both hobby and retail versions, each serial numbered to a baffling 1125 total. Did Upper Deck decide that there are exactly 2250 baseball card fans out in the world?

David Freese has a lot of baseball cards commensurate to the grand total of his contributions on the field in his MLB career, but he earned them. He really did. For a period of time where things really count the most, he was a monster on the field.


This is our second Mullinax appearance in as many months on this blog, which is exciting business!

Stephen Piscotty, professional hitter.

I received a trio of these fancy blue 2005 Donruss Craftsmen Rolen cards, all numbered to 2000. As I've mentioned a few times, serial numbered cards are something I'll never consider a true duplicate, so... basically I'm a Cardinals hoarder.

As I'm edging closer to my return to Safeco Field to watch the Cardinals, here's another So Taguchi card from his MLB rookie season. It'll be the first time since So's debut that I've seen the Cardinals in person on the west coast.

Finally, here's a Yadi card that will be added to Erin's collection. It's a ghostly card. It's a card of dubious distinction. Panini is trying to call this a "test proof", but I'm pretty sure they weren't testing anything other than their gold plated stamp machine when they decided to crank out 49 of these.


P-town Tom said...

You are correct. JBF sends anything but junk. Nice haul of Cardinal cards.

The Lost Collector said...

Good point on JBF. Junk is very inappropriate.

Trevor P said...

That Grichuk caption is my favorite ever.

Adam Kaningher said...

I'd have thought that Ghost card was a printing plate if not for a serial number greater than 1.