Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sapphire Gems and More

Online-exclusive bling and a whole lot more. 

I've already looked at this Adam Wainwright card on at least three separate occasions since it arrived courtesy of P-Town Tom, but I still had to look it up when doing this post. Topps did a high roller online exclusive set of Sapphire Chrome versions of the disappointing 700 card base set this year, so my confusion all comes down to this Waino parallel not having the same card number as his regular Topps Chrome release. And that's fine. It looks great and I've got it all sorted out now.

A bunch of other really nice, but not quite as shiny, Cardinals cards came over to me courtesy of the blog formerly known as Waiting 'til Next Year. Fleer made some missteps over the years, but they also cranked out some really impressive looking cards in the ought years, including this Rick Ankiel Showcase card from 2001.

Another early 21st Century card, this isn't the best artwork I've seen, but you get to see Bob Gibson with one of his more modern contemporaries (and not, like, some 22 year old Phillies phenom or something.)

Hey, it's Gomber! It's awwwwfully close to Goober. Just sayin'.

I've been going through a stack of J. D. Drew duplicates on my desk that I've trying to get rid of recently. I was pretty floored by how many of his cards I've managed to accumulate considering that his entire Cardinals career happened during the years I never collected cards.

And finally, because they are my favorite thing ever, here's a 7-11 Slurpee Disc of a Hall of Famer from 1985. Glorious.


  1. Goober, I mean Gomber, is a pretty decent pitching prospect.
    Glad you liked the blue sapphire and 7-11 disc!

  2. That Sapphire must look amazing in hand - so shiny!

  3. The Sapphire cards are very sweet. I am slowing putting a team set together, but cannot bring myself to pay the $20+ Piscotty is going for.

  4. Sapphire card looks great, so does the Slurpee disc. I like Gomber a lot as a prospect. If you have a few minutes you should go check out the write ups about him on Viva El Birdos.


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