Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You Can Still Supertrade in 2017

More envelopes of joy from a new Supertrader. 

Now that we're about a week into February, it's time to finally post about some of the first things I received in this doomed new year. Johnny's Trading Spot is one of the latest to join the group of crazed individuals that sends baseball cards around the country to fans of particular teams. Translation: more Cardinals cards for me.

I avoided reprints for the most part when I was a kid, so I missed out on some of the early '90s Topps reprint sets. They were printed on glossy cardstock, which was rather novel for the time, but it's an odd match looking back. This does give the collector a rare look at some clear and crisp renderings of the classic sets, whose cards are usually found all scuffed up and dull looking. They're not my favorite things in the world, but it still makes me happy that I've put a good dent into a team set that I had no intention of ever collecting. I need to add these to my want lists soon.

One of the biggest collecting surprises to me has been how much some of the inserts from the junk wax era (mostly 1993 and beyond) have held their value and at times remain a difficult find. For example, I'd never even seen this 1993 Leaf Ray Lankford insert card before. It's mine, now. Hands off.

While not a rare mid-90's insert, this 1994 Fleer Jose Oquendo is a treasure all of its own. Why? Well, because I didn't own it until now! That, and he's bunting.

Yeah, that's all I've got.

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