Monday, March 20, 2017

Radness Update

A contest update as the field of teams has narrowed from 64(ish) to 16. 

After the first week of the frenzy that is March Madness, I find myself in my usual position with my bracket: somewhere between laughable and pathetic. I should have thought about last year's results (Villanova won) when considering my picks this year, as it's been a long time since we've had a repeat champion. Alas, this contest is for you, the reader, and not me... though I still put my picks out there every year as a cautionary tale.

In first place currently is the Tomahawk Chop Bracket, entered by this year's co-Belk Bowl contest-within-a-contest winner. The best indicator of future success, however, is usually the PPR (i.e. Possible Points Remaining.) Add the PPR to your current total and you've got a good idea of where you stand. With that in mind, the reigning Bowl Pick 'Em Champ MrHaverkamp is currently best positioned to take his second straight Cards on Cards contest.

Special thanks to Billy for these great translucent Simpsons cards, which are designed a bit like oversized film slides. I'm not entirely sure what I did to deserve these, but he must have recognized a fellow Simpsons fan through a reference made somewhere in one of my posts or comments.

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  1. You mentioned you were a Simpsons fan but didn't have any cards on one of my posts, so I corrected that. I meant to send them with the Blazers cards but forgot, actually, until the day after they went out. Doh! I did a box of this set and had a stack of duplicates.


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