Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Last Trade Stack of 2017

Happy new year? 

We've already seen some more sets released in 2018, so it's high time I get caught up with trades and other things from the previous year. Here's a leftover bundle I received in person from Gavin before I escaped Portland for the holidays, the highlight of which was this awesome low numbered copper parallel of ex-Blazer Allen Crabbe. It's a Panini card, of course, but it still looks awfully similar to Topps's X-Fractor (or is that xfractor?) design.

Panini isn't throwing fake snowflakes on cards... yet, anyway. I am still missing a lot of these Topps Holiday cards from the past two years, but they are a Walmart concoction so it makes sense.

One of the nice stories of Spring Training 2018 has been the return of Jason Motte in a Cardinals uniform. He's in camp on a minor league deal, but is gunning for a major league spot. That would be a cool story, indeed. I never get tired of seeing him celebrate with Yadi and the rest of the 2011 team.

Michael Wacha seems to be in line for a rotation spot, despite some outside speculation that he could be better utilized in a bullpen role.

There's a new Donruss set on the shelves, or so I hear. Following in line with the previous two sets paying tribute to 1982 and 1983 designs, this year has a pretty decent looking 1984 homage. This, of course, is the Yadi '82 tribute card. There's now a copy for Erin and a copy for me, which is nice.

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