Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Blazers from the Past and a Hilarious Error

Our recent contest winner sent some cards to me not so recently. 

I noticed that expert football prognosticator Trevor from Bump and Run Football Card Blog sent me another envelope awhile back that got buried under some other stacks of cards I need to blog about. I do open everything I get in the mail and log it into my collection as soon as I get a chance to, but after that the cards usually sit in a queue (aka a cardboard box) for me to write about. The box has been fuller than it should be lately. I'll blame the... holidays? Okay, sure.

An extreme close-up of Buck Williams appears on this foil parallel of Buck's 1994-95 Topps card. These are pretty nice looking, but not quite as fancy as their football counterparts that I discovered in my Goodwill purchase awhile back.

J.J. Hickson... honestly, I have no idea why I scanned a J.J. Hickson card. I am glad to add it to my collection (all Blazers need to be in my collection apparently), but he's kind of a lousy dude. Last I heard, he was in jail on a pretty serious robbery charge.

This card is wild! I love it.

Here's a card featuring Damon Stoudamire in a throwback jersey (I miss those!) on what looks like a precursor to Upper Deck's short-lived Upper Deck X baseball design. This is another reminder that, even though it says "Grizzlies" on the top, I still needed this card because Stoudamire is in a Blazers jersey. Were he in a Raptors uniform, but with a Blazers logo or team designation somewhere on the card, I would also want it. I should really probably narrow down what I collect.

On the baseball side of my collection, I promised a stupid error card and am delivering a stupid error card. Adolis Garcia, who is a Cuban prospect for the Cardinals and made his MLB debut last season, probably thought it would be smart to go by his longer name (Jose Adolis Garcia) here in order to not be confused with Adonis Garcia, his much older brother who used to play with Atlanta. Topps just kind of mashed their names together and messed this card up royally, both on the front and the back. I didn't fact check his bio info, but I think they at least got that straight.


  1. I loved those Kinetic cards. I think I had a Khalid Reeves

  2. Dang. Hadn't heard about Hickson and in run-in with the law. I'll always remember him as being one of the toughest autographs to pull in the 2008-09 Topps Signature set I built years ago.

  3. Buck is my #2 all-time favorite basketball player. He was a great pickup for Portland. Good cards.


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