Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Now We've Reached the '70s

A sampling of 2019 Topps Heritage cards I pulled. 

It feels like at the start of every decade, there's a pretty dramatic shift in the look of Topps cards. The transition from the '60s to the '70s was no different. Topps rolled out their only grey bordered set in 1970, and for someone who wasn't actually alive in 1970, I think it represents the era well. I wasn't entirely sure if I'd continue on with collecting Heritage cards into this decade that it's now paying tribute to, but here I am. Here are some cards I pulled from a (retail) jumbo pack, a $9.99 box and a blasters -- in no particular order.

It's always nice to get a Cardinals insert, especially when it's from a set I collect and know I will end up needing two copies. Topps always has to freestyle it when coming up with their insert designs, but this seems like it fits decently enough.

Short prints are loaded with stars and young players. I guess Mitch Haniger is one of the better players the Mariners have left, if he hasn't already been traded by now. The Mariners like trades.

This is a cool find. It's my first John Gant card, and I believe one of his first in a Cardinals uniform. He ended up filling in a gap in the rotation last season and did pretty well. The Cards have a ton of starting pitchers all of a sudden, which isn't the worst thing in the world.

Juan Soto was one of the top rookies last season, losing out to Ronald Acuna Jr in ROY voting.

Well, this is terrible. Did they really need to make a baseball card out of this? Of course, this is from the people who brought you polio on a baseball card.

Can Miguel Cabrera still play baseball, or is he just cashing (really large) checks at this point? This is a short print, because of course it is.

My third (and final, sadly) short print was Staring Marte. He is looking down at you from the green screen behind him.

When was the last time that Topps used real backgrounds on their Heritage cards? Have they ever done it? All of a sudden, this set is starting to annoy me. Michael Wacha is clearly in a studio somewhere, and he's not even wearing a real Wacha jersey. There's no uniform number on the front of this one.

This was my blaster hit. It looks cool, if you're into that sort of Bryce thing (I am not.)

As previously teased on Twitter, my very first pack (the jumbo) had a Chrome Refractor Carlos Correa in it. Along with the Harper card, it's up for grabs.


Bo said...

Wow that Marshall card is strange. I wonder if there is a Kent State one too.

CaptKirk42 said...

I thought this was a multiple posting on my read list because "Wrigley Wax" has the same Javier Baez card at the top of his post about the 2019 Heritage Cubs inserts today.

Bulldog said...

They definitely could have left out the Marshall tragedy. Cool looking Juan Soto card and nice Harper relic. Good post.