Thursday, June 6, 2019

Cards and Blazers from a Yankees Fan

More great cards from @Lost_Collector feature both of my favorite teams. 

Back in January, I received a nice package from longtime blogger and trading partner The Lost Collector. I decided to scan some of my favorite cards from said package, and write a few words about it in the process.

The Cardinals have had an up-and-down season so far that's been extremely frustrating to me. Fortunately, they're on the upswing of things. I've had a mental blog post running in my head for awhile now about all of the players that have left the team and gone on to be successful elsewhere recently, but considering the team's good (albeit brief) run of late, I am going to choose to keep it positive for now.

Questionable fonts aside, it was nice to snag this numbered parallel of Fernando Tatis the Elder, even if it documents his exodus from St. Louis to the far north.

Here's another, shinier document of one of my favorite moments in team history. Carp was never the same after a season in which he led all of professional baseball in innings pitched. Ryan Howard was also, unfortunately, never the same after blowing out his Achilles just seconds before this photo.

AJ apologized in advance for sending a bunch of junk wax era Blazers cards, but I was happy to receive them. There were (and likely still are) a ton of needs there, especially in the mid-'90s.

I'm so distracted by the shiny, blurry gold that I can overlook that this one documents the late great Kersey's departure to Toronto via the expansion draft. He bounced around the league for a bit after this, eventually popping up as a key member of a very good Spurs bench early in the Gregg Popvich era.

Meyers Leonard is never junk wax.

Here we have the many faces of Gary Trent the Elder. Actually, this just looks like one face... over and over again. Wow.


  1. Fleer Mystique was such an interesting product. I found one of the unpeeled cards sitting in a box at the flea market last weekend. when I tried to peel the cover, it completely damaged the card.

  2. @Fuji, I don’t think the Mystique cards were meant to be peeled, unlike 1990s era Topps Finest cards.

  3. Those 95-96 Ultra Gold Medallions are some of my favorite all-time cards. Thanks for the recap...I have a few more headed your way soon.

  4. Jam Session and Gold Medallions are not junk wax, but Meyers Leonard on the other hand...

  5. That's one weird weird looking Trent card. The Carpenter card is cool. We need more moments like that on cards.


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