Monday, August 26, 2019

Night Post

They only come out at night. 

Back in May, I received what is my estimation the 347th package of cards from Night Owl Cards. You've probably heard of this guy before. I do seem to pull a lot of Dodgers and we've been exchanging cards for what is probably coming up on a decade for now. The passage of time is crazy. Night Owl primarily does his blog publishing at night, and so do I -- or at least I did back when I was on a more regular posting schedule. I am not really sure what you'd call what it is that I do any longer, but I do try to keep this place active and show appreciation for the stuff I receive from folks all over the country.

My scanner, however, did not really appreciate this Bill White card from 1969. It's cropped a little aggressively, but I can assure you that there is a real border on all four sides on the card itself.

Here's another chance for me to gripe (I think I do this a lot more than I used to) about how the Topps gold parallels ain't what they used to be. But they ain't. I like the shiny metallic look that they used to have. This is just a different splash of color applied by a computer application. It's boring.

I actually really like this one, even with how much real estate the name of the insert gets on the card. Perhaps it's because it's Ozzie that I'm a bit more forgiving. It's kind of cool.

I promise that I'm not going to pick apart every card I scanned here, so I'll just say that with two readily attainable full parallels (blue and gold... ish? goldenrod?) in both of the Big League sets so far, I'll probably feel like I'm never going to finish off these sets. There's a lot of cards. It's nice to pick another parallel off the list, however, especially one with this kind of star power.

Night Owl also sent a stack of set needs, including this pile of hair on the set that paid tribute to the set that Bill White was shown on earlier in this post. If you had asked me earlier today, I wouldn't have guessed that Jayson Werth was still in pro baseball as recently as 2018, but here you go. (He spent some time in AAA Tacoma, apparently.)

Thanks again to the legendary Night Owl Cards -- there's another Night Owl trade post in the queue, I'm sure.


  1. I still can't get over that insert name: "postseason pre-eminence." What possessed someone to call it that? And then you got to fit it all on a card.

  2. I wonder if Werth ever won MLB's best hair contest. If not... he was robbed.


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