Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Even More Cards from Bob

A reader sent more cards in between the last post and the post before the last post. 

If these posts were Star Wars movies, this would be more of an Empire Strikes Back rather than a The Last Jedi. As mentioned previously, reader Bob sent a series of packages my way earlier in the fall, and I just so happened to get the order mixed up. Here's a few cards from the second one (which in Star Wars logic is actually the fifth, but whatever.)

Bob sent a healthy grouping of minor league cards, which is timely because I just got around to building a minor league want list this year. This twenty year old card features the late Chris Duncan in his early professional days.

Here's Jimmy Baseball on a Gold Label gold tiered parallel that is fitting for him, I suppose. Gold Label always looks cool, though.

Former Cardinals prospect Dan Haren put together a pretty nice career as a starter. He wasn't quite fully formed as a Cardinal, but he's fondly remembered nonetheless.

There should be more mini posters in card sets. Seriously.


  1. It seams like there are always Cardinals in the cards i'm searching. Working on your next package

  2. Love the SI mini posters from the 90's.


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