Monday, July 27, 2020

A Late Night PWE Party

Cards in white envelopes from @vossbrink @BucsHere and @BoRosny on a hot Monday night. 

It might be late, but there are sports cards to attend to. Tonight I'm showing off the contents of a few more PWE's received last month from some people who also like cards.

First up is Nick Vossbrink, who collects the Giants, a team I'm often flush with cards of. Nick sent over a bunch of needed Blazers cards along with a Bob Gibson thing I've never seen before. Is it a custom? It's printed on photo paper and has no card number, but it looks really nice.

Fleer Metal went for a raised 3D look for the player names in this set. I remember seeing Aaron McKie's car once on I-205 back when he was with the team, as his license plate was very identifiable (MCKIE23).

I'd like to tell you that this is a really nice looking card in person and that the scan just doesn't do it justice, but I'd be lying. It's dark and dingy and is just a close-up of Rasheed's face. Still, it's a card I've never seen and is a nice addition to my Sheed Stash.

Even more Blazers! At this time, the team was just on the verge of their rebirth as a contender again, a few years after they were broken up when Clyde Drexler left.

Next up is an envelope from The Bucs Stop Here. This one was full of brand new Bowman cards, which have proven to be very elusive this year. All three cards that I scanned here feature Dylan Carlson, who didn't make the Opening Day roster this year because of service time management. (The joke's going to be on... someone... when the season gets shut down and all of the service time manipulations end up seeming really petty.)

I do like what they did to the borders on the Chrome cards, but I'm not the first person to say this, of course.

I don't know that anyone is really all that excited about these Talent Pipeline inserts, but at some point it should be fun to look back and see what players were featured on these cards from year to year and who actually panned out.

The third and final envelope of the late evening is from Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! Bo managed to stuff an envelope full of a dozen '70s cards, all of which I needed. It turns out that I still need a lot of older Cardinals cards.

Brock stole 118 bases in 1974 on the downside of his career. It was his age 35 season! To put this into some perspective, Brett Gardner, who still gets drafted in many fantasy leagues based on his stolen base accomplishments for some reason, has stolen just 104 bases since 2014.

Denny and The Bird! This would have made a great TV show.

Someone saw fit to write Julian's uniform number on the card right there. I hope it was a kid?

This was the true gem of the envelope, as this card features no less than three Hall of Famers.

I'm surprised that this photo ended up getting used, with the guy in the background that's partially obscured by Sizemore's hands. You would never see something like this today.

Lastly, here's a half dozen 1973 cards. Only one of them is airbrushed!


  1. Very nice mailday! I especially like the '72 thru '75s.

  2. I read that Sheed card as "on the throne".

  3. That Gibson is a custom I made. I figured you'd enjoy a copy of it.

    And that 1972 Ted Sizemore is a favorite of mine because it shows Candlestick Park under construction in the back. I'm low-key building a page of those for my Giants album.

  4. Good stuff here, I honestly had no idea that the Bowman Chrome cards had borders like that this year, so it was news to me!

  5. Really like those vintage baseball!

  6. That Gibson custom by Nick is fantastic. I love the design with the combination of the portrait and action shot.


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