Saturday, October 16, 2021

PWE Time!

Another recap of plain white envelope goods including Kellogg's goodies from @CardHemorrhage and more. 
I've just about wrapped up shipping everything from... *checks calendar*... Spring! Cleaning. I just need to figure out how to contact the person that claimed the Nationals and send out packages to three of you that picked the Cardinals. (Yeah, you're going to get a lot of stuff.) Here's some more small envelope stuff, including two of the first to respond and send me things in exchange for Spring Cleaning goodies.

First up is reader Derek, who found my collection on TCDB and was kind enough to dig up some stickers (!) from north of the border for my collection.

In the junk wax era, there are still plenty of stickers that I am still in need of. I don't think I'd seen this dual All-Star sticker before, which features Gary Carter and Jack Clark. I like the All-Star logo here from the 1987 game.

This design is a little more familiar, but I'm still missing a number of these from the 1989 Panini set.

Even more odd than oddball stickers are these Stuart cards from 1987.

Is Stuart a food issue card or the name of a chain store? Surely one of our Canadian readers can fill us in.

I actually began trying to put together the whole 1990 Panini sticker album years ago, and Derek found my want list for it and send me a nice pile of non-Cardinals that will eventually get stuck in the album itself, assuming I can find it.

Next up is a pair of serial-numbered cards from the Cards from the Quarry weekly Sunday trade bait posts going back to last spring. These recent Panini Donruss parallels are always ridiculous, but I'm not going to turn down the chance to pick one up for the team collection in a trade.

Purple Parallel Power! I'm not sure I've seen another Malik Collymore card other than various versions of this one. This is numbered to 149.

Lastly, Giants fan Jay from Card Hemorrhage passed a couple of Kellogg's "3-D" cards my way. Kellogg's cards are just about the best thing in baseball cards from the '70s if you ask me.

They're better than all the Topps flagship cards and they're better than those food issues that you cut off of the box. They're even better than the TCMA/SSPC stuff, even though those sets produced some interesting photo player-team combinations that Topps never touched. The only thing I like about as much as '70s Kellogg's cards is '70s O-Pee-Chee cards, but that's a topic for another day.


  1. Love the variety! And I think it would be close between Hostess and Kellogg's as far as most interesting 70's cards go.

  2. Stuart was a Canadian bakery that made goodies such as these:

    Pretty sure that's where I would have gotten those cards from.


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