Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pick 'Em Contest Results

The contest is over! Let's see who won! 
Bowl Pick 'Em #12 is officially in the books. If you're one of the names mentioned below, please contact me if you haven't already sent your mailing address and any favorite teams/prize preferences.

It was a close contest, but Johnny G takes first place with an overall score of 505 points. Nice job! The runner-up prizes are heading to John S (second place) and Peter L (third place). Of course, this wouldn't be a Cards on Cards contest without a worst place price -- that goes to Brandon L. Thanks again to everyone who participated, and, of course... March Radness is just around the corner!


  1. Thanks for the contest and congratulations to the winners! I was 20-18 but with only 407 points (20th place). Third place was a whopping 29-9 but still couldn't score high enough to take first place.

    Looking forward to March Radness!

  2. Thanks for the contest. It was fun.

  3. Stupid LSU couldn't win and give me the overall win. I mean, what was I thinking, trusting LSU?? Thanks for the fun!

  4. WOW, had no idea my picks sis that well, thanks so much, and, congrats to all the winners.


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