Thursday, April 7, 2022

Opening Day is the Best Day

Baseball is back! 
I'm currently enjoying some Opening Day Cardinals action right now, so this post will be short and sweet. If you don't have any packs of cards to open today, or even if you do, you can check out a pack of Opening Day cards over here at APTBNL.

I picked up this terrific "Mirror Red" Scott Rolen parallel over at Listia, and it landed in my mailbox just in time for today's game. Rolen was one of 16 members of the Cardinals Hall of Fame to don the red jacket today and participate in the Opening Day festivities. I usually miss most of the fanfare because I'm not in the local St. Louis TV market, but MLB TV has recently started showing select pre- and post-game coverage for subscribers, which is a cool thing to have on a day like this.

As you can see on the back, the 2004 Leaf Certified Materials parallel is numbered to 100. I've been doing the Listia thing for almost ten years now, and it's proven to be a cheap and casual way to exchange cards. For the most part, I've had positive experiences, as many of the sellers and buyers of trading cards are longtime members at this point.

Here's another one that showed up today. From the Cardinals Hall of Famer (and hopefully a 2023 inductee into the main hall) to a future Hall of Famer, these two are among the best to ever man the third base position.

Enjoy the games, everyone!


  1. I've thought about getting back on there, but after being away from the site for at least six years now, I'm not sure that I'd be able to figure the exchange rate again.

  2. Good to see Listia is alive and kicking.


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