Monday, June 6, 2022

Édition Limitée

Canadian Cardinals and a few Topps Heritage cards. 
Angus of Dawg Day Cards, who you probably know as a Canadian Cleveland Browns collector, sent over a few fun things around the end of winter. Because my forays into the pro football card world are pretty scarce, it's rare that I have many things to send to Angus. Because of this, I'm always extra-appreciative whenever I get something from him.

It took me awhile to decide which side of this Ozzie Smith card from a Canadian 1993 Post set was the front and which was the reverse. I settled on this being the backside, because it has a card number on it. That's not always a hard and fast rule. There's also a pull tab on the card, which makes me curious as to what's inside. (I didn't pull it.)

Even though this goes down in the official databases as a White Sox card, this 1983 O-Pee-Chee Steve Mura has a home in my Cardinals binders because he's still rocking the red and baby blue.

I don't think 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack was a Canadian release, but it's one I am pretty sure I've never opened a pack of. I know I opened some of the previous year's Fun Pack set before I stopped collecting back in the '90s. I recall it trying a little harder to be "fun" for the kids than, say, Topps Big League.

Angus also sent over a few set filling needs from the 2018 Topps Heritage set. Alex Reyes looks a bit glum on this one, one of those pesky short prints. I'm hoping he can get his career back on track someday, but it's starting to look like his future with the Cardinals is a little bit murky.

Here's another short print from the same set. I don't have any recollection of Christian Arroyo's days with the Rays, but apparently he spent parts of two seasons there before moving on to Boston.

Rookie Performers are always a key highlight of the High Numbers version of the Heritage set, and they can get a bit tough to track down once the set's been out awhile. I was happy to add this one to my collection.


  1. I totally understand why you didn't pull the tab. I'll only do it if I have duplicates.

  2. It would be nice to know what's in that Ozzie card, but obviously I understand you not wanting to pull it.


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