Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Featuring Daniel Descalso

More sports cards from an old trading pal. 
I've been pouring my time into adding wants and don't-needs to TCDB of late, but I still need to find some time to show off some stuff that people have been sending me this year. This latest edition features cards from Sportscards from the Dollar Store. If you're familiar with past packages of his (or have just traded with him yourself), you probably know that this is going to cover all of the sports! It's been awhile since anyone has had a Daniel Descalso card to send me, so that was already a big highlight.

The America's Pastime cards from last year's Panini Chronicles set are absurdly thick. I'm sure there are autographed versions of these, but it still makes me wonder what they were thinking they these rolled (or, I don't know, plopped?) off the press.

Hell yeah! Daniel Descalso and Greg Oden in the same package? Now we're talking! This gold parallel features a nice above-the-basket shot that you pretty much never see in Panini's cards these days. I don't have a lot of nice things to say about Panini right now, but I'll save that for some other time.

Doug also sent some junk wax era Blazers cards. While the Terry Porter card was just a SkyBox base need (yeah, really), you've probably already noticed that the otherwise normal looking 1991-92 Clyde the Glide card has a strange number on it. It's actually a Tony's Pizza insert (food issue alert!) While I ate a ton of Tony's Pizza back in the day (I was a teenager), I didn't discover that they had basketball cards until the following season. Those 1992-93 Fleer cards were unnumbered, but otherwise looked just like the base set. It's possible that the 1991-92 cards never made it out to my neck of the woods, but I have no way of knowing at this point.

Here's a trio of Ducks players on their 2021-22 NBA Hoops cards. I'm glad that Chris Boucher is finally making his way into card sets.

Here's a really nice, very limited signed card from Joseph Young. Young is the son of Michael Young, the star from Phi Slamma Jamma that wasn't Drexler or Olajuwon. He had a couple of big seasons at UO after transferring from his father's alma mater but has mostly played overseas since turning pro. Doug also sent me a couple of really nice Ducks football cards, but I am going to save them for certain Saturdays in the not so distant future.

There was also a healthy stack of St. Louis Blues cards in the package, including a bunch from the most recent O-Pee-Chee set. These photos all suffer from the boring, closely cropped thing that are a fixture on so many modern cards: entirely devoid of action. Still, it's nice to get my hands on some cards of the players I know from the recent teams. I did not watch a ton of hockey this past season for whatever reason, but I'm always up for watching a game in theory. I wish Portland would get a team.


  1. I still enjoy stumbling across an Oden. I'm pretty sure it has to do with him being the man to pull when I first returned to the hobby and was ripping into packs of basketball cards.

  2. I remember the odd numbering on that Drexler, but wasn't bothered to look at its source


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