Tuesday, January 31, 2023

More Than a Buck

A fresh bunch of Blazers, football players and hockey dudes. 
The always excellent Sportscards From the Dollar Store hit again with another bunch of goodies back in October. This latest bunch was heavy on (American) footballers with some other sports represented as well.

I won't rehash the story of the late Biggie Swanigan, but suffice it to say that it's one of the sadder ones. His last days in the league came in a reunion with the Blazers, who had originally drafted him. And then, unfortunately, the pandemic happened. Sometimes life really sucks.

Moving right along to better and brighter things, here are some Eagles past and present on the latest Panini Score design. I can always use more Brian Dawkins cards.

Did you all hear that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl again this year? Or, as some are calling it, the Kelce Bowl.

The Super Bowl also brings Andy Reid back to face his old Eagles team, which was led by Donovan McNabb for most of his time there. (See, I can make this batch of cards that I've been sitting on since October seem relevant today!)

A handful of St. Louis Blues cards always sneak their way into these packages as well. I feel like I always end up picking a Tarasenko card to scan out of the bunch to scan for these posts, so this time I brought along a friend for him.

Sportscards From the Dollar Store is my main (and probably only?) source of CFL cards. Of course, I'm only looking for CFL cards if they feature Oregon Ducks players, like '80s UO running back Tony Cherry.

A more recent Duck running back shows up here on the more modern Panini Prizm set from 2015.

I kind of like this year's Score design. It's distinctive, at least. Kayvon Thibodeaux still looks good in his Oregon uniform.

Speaking of Oregon players, this one is a real doozy. (Does anyone say "doozy" anymore?) I can count on one hand the number of printing plates that I own, so this was really cool to see. I'm not so thrilled that Troy Brown Jr. is a Laker these days, but unfortunately no one consults me about these things before allowing them to happen.

I wish I could add this one to the TCDB database, but Panini doesn't publish checklists for their plates as far as I can tell. Even more confusingly, these are often inserted into another product from another year, like National Treasures or something. Anyway, don't hate the card, hate the game.


  1. I think I'm losing it. Not sure I knew that you are an Eagles fan. Congratulations on the win against the 49ers! You should hear all the fans complaining about the no-catch on that first drive. Every time I do... I just smile. Best of luck!

  2. Don't think I've heard of Panini Noir...let me guess, just the player on the front with a duplicate picture of said player on the back with a small write-up and at the most last year's stats...am I right?

    1. Basically yes, only the base cards are limited to 99 copies less, I think. So it's just Panini but really expensive!

  3. Seeing new to me CFL cards is always fun, and since I've seen so few over the years, they're almost always new to me.

  4. Nice Blazers and Iggles. I bet I have some St. Louis Blues I can send you - if you're interested. Sometimes unwanted hockey cards make their way to baseball-only collectors, so I'm not gonna push NHL on you, lol.

  5. I always love when I see the alma mater that one of my trade partners collects on the back of a CFL card. Expect at least one more the next time I drop you a package.


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