Monday, May 1, 2023

Spring PWE Round-Up

 Wrapping up 2022 with some sports cards from @Thorzul @OYERecs and more. 
It's fully springtime, but we're taking a look back at a few Plain White Envelopes that arrived at the end of last year.

First up are my returns from the annual Trade Me Anything affair from Death Stare Cards. I always look forward to this event where Thorzul opens a hobby box of Topps Update and trades off anything most anything not needed for his base set build.

This year's offering came up big in the Cardinals department, with a red jersey swatch of the reigning NL MVP and a short printed card of a Hall of Famer. These were definitely better cards than anything I personally picked up from my own experiences with 2022 Topps Update.

The second offering came from Dawg Day Cards. Angus, as many of you know, has sent a number of interesting cards my way over the years and this was no exception. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu is one of my all-time favorite Ducks football players, so it was great to add another signed card of his to my collection. I'm not really sure what jersey he is wearing here -- perhaps it's some sort of All-Star game thing?

If you're a fan of oddball cards and/or food issues, you're probably well aware of Post cereal cards by now. Did you know that there were separate Post sets issued just for the country of Canada? This is something I wasn't aware of myself until I started exploring the depths of the TCDB lists of sets. As usual with MLBPA licensed stuff, you get no logos with these cards.

Angus also sent along a nice six-pack of Panini stickers. These will head to my Cardinals albums, unstuck.

Last up is a couple of goodies from reader Neil. In 2015, Panini confusingly released a set called Elite and also included Elite inserts in their Donruss set with the exact same design. I believe this is from the regular Elite set.

Even with his retirement, I'm still able to keep with the tradition of ending many of my posts with a Yadi card. In this case, it's a fancy Tier One card of the Cardinals legend from 2019.

Neil operates a record label called Open Your Ears Records. Definitely check them out if you're into, you know, music and such!


  1. Love the sparkly Panini team logo stickers. I should collect them!

  2. Great Gibby and the sparkly Smith is neat, too!

  3. I started an Ifo collection for my friend's mom. They are related to his wife. Shame we never got to see him injury free at the NFL level, because he was a stud @ Oregon.


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