Tuesday, May 19, 2009

By Request

My friend AJ requested that I post my 2009 Upper Deck First Edition pack mentioned in my last post. Little did he know, that pack was actually the third FE pack that I've picked up this year. Here's a look at all three packs in their 99 cent glory.

Pack 1:
60 - Geovany Soto

51 - Jason Bay (As much as I dislike Boston, I can't bring the hate for an ex-Beaver like Bay.)
12 - David Eckstein

89 - Cliff Lee
131 - Jose Guillen (There are a lot of pictures of Royals this year in baby blue unis, not that I'm complaining.)
124 - Miguel Tejada (I'm guessing Houston was hoping for more than 13 HRs when they signed Tejada last year.)

SQ-14 - Jake Peavy Starquest (The First Edition Starquest cards look a lot better than the purple "common" Starquest cards in the base set.)
204 - Bobby Abreu
181 - Joe Nathan
185 - Daniel Murphy

Pack 2:
9 - Chris "strikes out" Young (as opposed to Chris "strikes you out" Young)
76 - Mark Buehrle

27 - Jeremy Guthrie
108 - Magglio Ordonez

152 - James Loney (AJ is a big Dodgers fan, so I figured I may as well scan this.)
122 - Carlos Lee (Lee is probably the least hateable Astros player, at least for me.)

SQ-25 - Vladimir Guerrero Starquest
228 - Jimmy Rollins
222 - Huston Street

172 - Rickie Weeks (Ouch! This Cardinal-killer is out for the year. That didn't stop the Brewers from sweeping the Cards, though. St. Louis has been awful lately in every facet of the game.)
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Pack 3:

237 - Matt Antonelli (RC)
49 - Tim Wakefield
16 - John Smoltz
85 - Jay Bruce

128 - Gil Meche
108 - Magglio Ordonez (Again.)
SQ-2 - Alex Rodriguez Starquest

191 - Carlos Beltran
232 - Brad Lidge
225 - Joe Blanton
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aj said...

woo! thanks for posting this! have you noticed the large amount of pink bats/arm bands in this set?

And keep an eye out for the Kenny Rogers card. It has one of the worst photos ive ever seen of a human (and that includes the face transpant lady!).

5 packs and I've yet to pull a Cardinal...

aj said...

hey. now that i think about it.. didn't i request a VIDEO pack break? jeeesh. ;D