Saturday, May 30, 2009

Roll Out the Heritage

Hey, check it out. It's that Heritage set again that I seem to love writing about. I just completed a small Heritage-for-Heritage trade with Ed from Roll Out the Barrel. His Brewers are in a big battle for 1st place with my Cardinals. I figured that I'd show off a few cards in the stack that I got.

I'm not a Cleveland fan, but I do like seeing the multi-player cards where everyone is still on the team they're pictured in. I don't know what else to say about the Tribe, but I do like their retro-styled home uniforms that they've been wearing this season.

Mike Aviles has struggled this season. He played in the WBC, so I wonder if Royals fans are blaming it on that or something else. I could have sworn I had several of these cards in my collection, but my list and '08 Heritage binder said differently.

Juan Rivera has been decent so far this season from what I hear. I'm not sure what else to say about him or why I picked him out of the stack of cards above others like Mike Cameron and Taylor Teagarden. His card is one of the black backs that Ed sent. I'm glad that the 2009 Heritage cards don't have a variation gimmick like that.

There were also a few Cardinals cards tossed in, including this Ozzie Masterpieces card. I'm pretty sure I've already scanned this card to put up here, so I thought I'd show the back. I'm hoping there are some 2009 Ozzie Smith cards out there, but I haven't looked yet.


If you're still reading this, you've probably also noticed the new banner at the top of the blog. All of the credit/props/big ups go to my friend AJ. It was very cool of him to design it, and I feel like it fits the style of this place quite well.


night owl said...

I read the whole post and didn't even notice the banner until I read the end of your post.

Apologies to your friend. I'm not very observant sometimes.

aj said...

as a fellow Dodgers fan, Night Owl, I am offended!! ;D The banner was far more flashy when I had the hot pic of Red Bird Izzy instead of Schu.

madding said...

There's nothing hot about Izz2.