Sunday, July 19, 2009

2002 Upper Deck Series 2, Part 2

2009 Allen & Ginter has hit the retail stores. I picked up a blaster and a pack tonight and I'm so excited that I'm tempted to post about that stuff instead of the 2002 box that I started. However, I know that if I do that, I'll probably never get back to this stuff. Self-awareness is a good thing, you know.

Pack 9:
683 - Reggie Sanders (I miss seeing Sanders patrolling left field in his Cardinals days, especially with the persistent struggles of Chris Duncan and Rick Ankiel. I don't miss the horrible collision he had with Jim Edmonds once upon a time, though. Yikes.)

738 - Ichiro Suzuki Season Highlights Checklist (If I'm not watching, Ichiro cards in my collection actually multiply.)
558 - Mike Sirotka
611 - Mike Rivera
657 - Todd Hundley (Hundley had some pretty huge years, but he looks bad in a Cubs uni.)

PJ-DW - David Wells The People's Choice Game Jersey (These fall at 1:24 packs, so I got my "on average" jersey card. Okay, here's where you all can help me out. What jersey, exactly, was Wells wearing for this card? At first I thought it might be a Boston jersey, but Wells didn't pitch for the Red Sox until 2005. His three previous teams were the White Sox, the Blue Jays and the Yankees again. I know that Toronto features red as a secondary color, but I don't have a clear picture in my mind of an all-red Jays jersey. That just seems wrong anyway.)

Give up?

Oh, okay. An "official 2000 All-Star Event." I hope it wasn't that silly celebrity softball game that they show on ESPN every year.
525 - Matt Thornton Star Rookie

Pack 10:
577 - Ben Davis
551 - Tim Salmon (Always an underappreciated player in my book.)

592 - Hank Blalock (You can barely see his bat here, so the photo looks really strange.)
688 - Mike Redmond
549 - Brad Fullmer
705 - Marlon Anderson (Somehow Anderson quickly went from a near-.300 hitting everyday second basemen to a part-time outfielder/pinch hitter in a few short years.)
590 - Chan Ho Park

527 - Tyler Yates Star Rookie (Flags were big in 2002.)

Pack 11:

594 - Pedro Martinez (So, Pedro's a Phillie now. It seems like a bit of a desperate move to me. The Phils are hot right now and not really a team I'd expect to make a move like this.)
639 - Vinny Castilla
671 - Cesar Izturis
645 - Richie Sexson

661 - Craig Counsell (Classic "doing the turn" baseball photo.)
718 - Wilton Guerrero
601 - Mark Quinn
531 - Steve Bechler Star Rookie (Tragic card.)

Pack 12:
690 - Mo Vaughn
664 - Jay Bell
719 - Chris Reitsma
727 - Barry Bonds Year of the Record 73 Home Runs (Bleh to this guy. It would be nice to see someone break his stupid record, but I don't think it will happen in my lifetime.)
632 - Gregg Zaun

726 - Ichiro Suzuki Year of the Record 192 Singles (Yep, it's him again. This is similar to the one I got in an earlier pack, but it's for all the singles he hit. The other card was for the insane number of Mariners victories in 2001.)
606 - Dmitri Young
521 - Val Pascucci Star Rookie

Pack 13:

708 - Jason Kendall
682 - David Bell

566 - John Flaherty
711 - Kris Benson
608 - Craig Paquette (Paquette was coming off of a 3 year stint with the Cardinals and is in a Detroit uniform.)
742 - Jason Giambi Season Highlights Checklist
662 - Mark Grace (Grace had some choice words to say about Colby Rasmus's sad attempt at growing a mustache during the Cards/D-Backs broadcast today.)
501 - Brandon Puffer Star Rookie

Pack 14:
613 - Luis Rivas

619 - Frank Thomas ("What is this... baseball... thing? I don't get it! I'm just a designated hitter!")
593 - Todd Van Poppel (Master of analogies to disappointing draft prospects.)
732 - Alex Rodriguez Year of the Record 52 Home Runs (More bleh.)
660 - Curt Schilling
598 - Dustin Hermanson (Hermanson pitched a full season for the Cardinals in 2001, was fairly average, and I constantly confused him with Chad Hutchinson.)

RA3 - Pedro Martinez Return of the Ace (These are pretty cool looking. I guess as much as the last post was the Cardinals post - 4 Cardinals in 8 packs - this is the Pedro post.)
505 - Chris Baker Star Rookie

Pack 15:

638 - Gary Sheffield (On his Braves tour.)
612 - Jacque Jones
693 - Shawn Estes
667 - Eric Karros (Another FOX announcer. These guys are everywhere!)

668 - Hideo Nomo (I wonder if Night Owl has this one.)
717 - Scott Williamson
528 - Mark Corey Star Rookie

Pack 16:
699 - Bobby Jones
548 - Darin Erstad
640 - Javy Lopez

728 - Randy Johnson Year of the Record 20 Strikeouts (Ol' Randy is still around and kickin'.)
683 - Reggie Sanders (Ahh, doubles!)
738 - Ichiro Suzuki Season Highlights (Ahh! Ahh!)

RA8 - Kevin Brown Return of the Ace

537 - Mike Gonzalez Star Rookie (Annnnnd we'll wrap it up with the Braves semi-closer.)

Part 3 will be coming up hopefully in the next couple of days. I've gotten a couple of e-mails about these cards and I'm by no means attached to them. I'm certainly up for entertaining trade offers, so let me know.

(Side question here: does anyone have a reliable 2009 Allen & Ginter SP checklist? I feel like it's not cards above #300, since I've gotten one of those in almost every pack I've opened so far.)

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night owl said...

I do believe I need that Nomo.

The way the above-300 cards appear in A&G packs makes me believe that the short-prints are indeed numbers 300-350 (They are always the last base card in a pack).

But collation in A&G (which appears to be lousy) is making me wonder a little.