Friday, July 10, 2009

Ginter Madness, Part Two

Feeling hoodwinked yet? I'm like one of those guys that registers the domain name and fills a website up with pop-up ads, malware and flashing large fonts full of text to promote some personal agenda.

I stalled at 11 (base) cards short of a complete set of 2008 A&G. I am still holding out hope of completing this set before too long, but right now I'm actually interested in buying the occasional marked down pack or two to see if I can get anything cool out of the inserts. Here's two retail packs I bought for $2 a pop:

Pack 1:
192 - Yunel Escobar (Escobar has been in and out of my fantasy lineups throughout his career.)
220 - Eric Bedard (The only card I remember getting out of my very first A&G Pack, last summer, was Bedard's mini card. That might have been what hooked me. I bought the pack with a lot of skepticism, usually being hesitant to fork over $3 for just 6 cards.)

319 - Jason Giambi (An SP, but I already have it. I'm actually missing 9 SPs and two plain old base cards.)

BI16 - Rogers Hornsby Mini Baseball Icons (Here we go! This was one of my most coveted inserts, and now it's all mine. I hope there are more old Cardinals in this year's lot, but I haven't scrutinized the checklist yet.)

US13 - Curtis Granderson US Flag (According to stuff that I have read on the internet, the common inserts this year are not thick cards like these flag cards. I heard some gripes about Granderson making the all-star team, but he's a pretty good player in my opinion.)
- Checklist Four of Four
83 - Masahide Kobayashi (RC)

137 - Annie Oakley

Pack 2:
155 - Troy Tulowitzki (It's nice to see Tulo finally start to rebound at the plate.)
222 - Jeremy Bonderman (He could be Brad Thompson's older brother.)

17 - Kenji Johjima (This is one of my least favorite looking cards in the entire set. It looks like someone took an eraser or wet rag to a perfectly good Johjima portrait.)
267 - Andrew Miller

T01 - Cornelius Franks Mini Team Orange (Ahh, this is the first one of these that I've pulled. The whole Team Orange thing is incredibly silly and useless, but it's something I didn't have before so it still goes down as a plus.)
19 - Albert Einstein

If you have any of the remaining 11 base cards I need for the set, or any other extra inserts (besides the flag cards) that you want to get rid of, please let me know. Hopefully the 2009 stuff will hit retail stores by next weekend. I'm sure I can't count on any local card shops having reasonable prices.


night owl said...

I can't find any of this stuff marked down anywhere. Even though I have the base set, I'd pick up one of these for the minis/inserts.

madding said...

I found these two at a card show and another pack in a repack box. Erin actually found a bunch in the $1.59 box at Target. I haven't been to a Target in forever, but it makes me curious...

Erin said...

I win!