Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Part of This Complete Breakfast

At some point I will either stop buying Topps cereal boxes or I will run out of silly breakfast-related blog post titles. In any case, I bought a box of this stuff, Series 2 style, and have chosen this moment to reveal its contents. I haven't bought any cards in awhile, mostly due to budget constraints, so I can't remember exactly when I purchased this. My primary memories of the day involved delicious tacos made with handmade tortillas purchased from a cart on SE 82nd & Holgate.

As usual, in Series 2 there is one legendary refractor of a legendary player or some such thing. Unfortunately, they used some of the same players they used in Series 1 and I now have two different Cy Young cards and no shiny Cardinals.

Here's the rest of the box:

388 - Humberto Quintero
622 - Kurt Suzuki
535 - Ryan Doumit (Three catchers in a row to start things off.)

611 - Jeremy Hermida
652 - Doug Davis

360 - Jorge Posada (One leg at a time...)
393 - Alex Cintron
360 - Nick Markakis
538 - Carlos Guillen (According to the back of his card, Guillen just owns Esteban Loaiza. Frankly, though, who doesn't?)
512 - Steve Pearce (Pearce is finally get a serious shot at the majors this season at age 26.)
458 - Jeremy Bonderman
435 - Carlos Lee

392 - Brandon Phillips (I have it on good word that Phillips walks up to the plate to "Turn My Swag On" by Soulja Boy.)
347 - Jason Bartlett
501 - Jeff Suppan (Suppan faces the Cardinals later today. He has a 7-3 record against his former team and has turned in some pretty frustrating/dominant performances. Hopefully the Hitting Cards show up.)
404 - Matt Capps

473 - Jered Weaver (Do you still think that Jeff Weaver causes more eye-strain of the two brothers?)
457 - John Maine
405 - Todd Helton
343 - Ian Snell
380 - Aramis Ramirez (I'm hoping his return from the DL won't spark some sort of Cubs rally within the division.)
428 - Jamie Moyer (A magnifying glass is recommended if you want to read his stats on the back.)
547 - Jack Cust (Cust is a pretty unique player. He walked as many times as he recorded a hit last season - 111. He struck out 197 times and only hit .231, yet had a pretty decent OPS because of all of the walks.)
602 - Carlos Gomez
620 - Ryan Zimmerman
346 - Mike Cameron (Cameron struck out 1642 times going into this season.)

BCS20 - Bernie Williams World Baseball Classic (Bernie is one of my all-time favorite Yankees. I was pretty excited to see him play in the WBC, though he didn't get a ton of playing time.)

LG-FT - Frank Thomas Legends of the Game (I realize Topps is trying to add more contemporary players to the "Legends" mix, but I think I enjoy getting retired Hall of Famers in this insert set more... unless it's Pujols, of course.)

TR100 - Honus Wagner Turkey Red (So this is something like 3 down and 47 to go with these Turkey Red inserts from Series 2. It seems like the coating on this card is shinier than usual. Well, at least I didn't get a third Jay Bruce card.)
TTT47 - Carlos Beltran Topps Town
470 - Lance Berkman (Speaking of coating, I feel like the Series 2 regular cards have less UV gloss than usual. I read somewhere that someone felt they almost had a blueish tint to them, but I am not seeing that. I do think that they skimped on the UV coating and went for a budget style or something.)
456 - Jason Kendall (This is becoming a Brewer-heavy box.)
365 - Mark Buehrle
356 - Ervin Santana
382 - Wily Mo Pena
424 - Jorge Campillo (I'm trying to think of something to say about Campillo, but all I can think of is that I had no idea he used to be a Mariner.)
498 - Kyle Davies

556 - Brendan Ryan (I'm pretty surprised that Ryan has become the primary SS for the Cards in 2009. He's probably played the best infield defense on the team, gold glovers inclusive.)
653 - Nick Evans
333 - Jeremy Sowers / Aaron Laffey Chief Lefties
396 - Alex Cora
477 - Josh Willingham
579 - Rocco Baldelli
387 - Adam Everett
658 - Rick Porcello (RC)
486 - J.J. Putz (Something tells me that I should have cashed in on the bargain rack Putz Mariners shirts last winter.)
474 - Franklin Guiterrez (I was trying to think of something interesting to say about Gutierrez when I looked at the back of his card...)

Well, I'm pretty sure his name is not Jose. Gutierrez is a Seattle outfielder, so I'm guessing his "niche in history" is actually Jose Lopez's. I would try to do some research on this card to find out of it's some crazy rare error card, but I'm pretty sure that card companies these days do not correct any errors with their cards. They only seem to "correct" their intentional gimmicky errors.

613 - Kendry Morales

642 - Ken Macha (Ha, ha, ha! The Brewers lost last night. You can stop laughing now!)
543 - Travis Ishikawa
367 - Bobby Abreu
644 - Alfredo Aceves (RC)
660 - Jacoby Ellsbury
361 - Alex Rios / Vernon Wells Power Jays (Erin tells me that Vernon Wells has a case of the suck this year, because apparently he is doing a disservice to her fantasy team.)
555 - Joe Girardi

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