Monday, August 24, 2009

A Cardinals-centric Ultra-tastic Mid-'90s Pack of Baseball Cards

I think I get more joy out of buying mid-'90s baseball cards than anyone really should. For one, it's an era I completely missed. This is not just in card collecting, mind you. I really didn't pay a whole lot of attention to sports in general. The other nice thing is that packs like this are a lot more affordable than the current stuff and, unlike Pro Set football, I don't have entire 3200 count boxes full of this sort of thing. I posted a pack of this stuff recently to APTBNL (you may recognize the wrapper) but I felt this pack was best saved for my own blog.

433 - Bob Tewksbury Gold Medallion (Right off the bat, here's the one-per-pack (?) Gold Medallion card. Tewksbury had an amazing and unheralded run with the Cardinals and then had one bad season which resulted in him looking for a new team. It's hard to see, but it appears to be an old Texas Rangers logo on his card.)
342 - John Olerud (Olerud had to wear a helmet in the field, which makes him look like a base coach in today's game.)
290 - Mark Gubicza (Pretty decent pitcher in his day, if I recall. I guess that makes him like a Gil Meche equivalent.)

434 - Todd Zeile (I seem to remember Zeile being hyped like no other Cardinal prospect was hyped before him. I don't feel like he lived up to those expectations, but he had a pretty solid career.)
322 - Todd Van Poppel (Speaking of hype... nah, too easy.)

5 of 10 - Jose Canseco Hitting Machines (Wow, this card is loud.)

439 - Trevor Hoffman (Future HOFer here. I wish he had moved to a different division than the NL Central, though.)
270 - Andrew Lorraine

359 - Mark Grace (I just had to scan this card to have a nice little laugh at the Cubs' uniforms back then. They look rather... minor leagueish.)

420 - Gregg Jefferies (Jefferies had his two best career seasons in a Cardinals uniform, his only two with St. Louis, in fact. He made his only two all-star appearances in those seasons. The Cardinals let him leave as a free agent, however. I'm not sure why.)
375 - Mike Munoz
253 - Armando Benitez

That makes three more Cardinals cards to add to my collection, unless I happen to discover that I already own them for some reason. My criteria for Cardinals cards to collect is inclusive of both cards showing the player on their way out (with the new team's logo) as well as players pictured in their previous team's colors with the Cards logo attached. And I'm sure you wanted to know all of that.

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