Monday, August 3, 2009

Peeking Through the Wrapper

Here's something I picked up a couple of months ago at the ol' hobby store. I could easily see Albert Pujols through the wrapper as the top card, and that was all the convincing I needed.

105 - Albert Pujols (This doesn't really look like Albert's swing. His swing has actually been pretty out of whack lately. Coming out of the All-Star Break, aside from a 2 HR game in his first game back, he's not been himself lately. Of course, a slumping Pujols is still better than a lot of teams' best players.)

43 - Joey Gathright (Here's a tyical example of a really boring card back. It seems to be a requisite for these sort of mid-priced sets to slap some sort of uninspired design on the backs of the cards and call it good.)
121 - Sammy Sosa (Not pictured here, Sosa's card is in his first year as an Oriole, which makes me feel sorry for Orioles fans everywhere.)

54 - Jon Garland

222 - Joe Mauer (I should have traded away Joe Mauer from my fantasy team while he was still hitting .400. Oh well, I'll probably make him one of my keepers after this season.)

5 cards... short and sweet. That leaves me some time to work on my want lists tonight before I go to sleep.

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--David said...

Wow, the vignette design really leaves a lot of white space on those, huh?