Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ordinary Average Trade

One thing I have to continuously tell myself is that, no matter how starved for blogging ideas I seem to be, I really do not (and should not) have to write about every single pack I purchase. For example, last Saturday I picked up a solo 2009 Heritage pack to go along with my requisite Allen & Ginter blaster at a local Fred Meyer's. The pack ended up being extremely unnoteworthy, falling into that rare range of suck where you do not get an insert nor a short printed card. I do not need to write about that pack! I believe I got at least a couple of cards I need for the set, but since it is not February and no one is eager to see what these cards look like anymore, I feel like I can safely file the cards into the rest of my collection.

I do, however, want to write about every package I receive from those that I trade with and those that just send something to me just for kicks. I recently got a package from The Average Joe, containing my first ever Ring of Honor insert card as well as a handful of 2008 and 2009 Heritage cards from my want lists.

Among the few 2008 needs was this Matt Morris black back card. I'm doing pretty well on the regular set all of a sudden (and thanks to many traders, of course) but I'm now realizing that I have some serious holes in the High Series department. I'm thinking of actually buying a hobby box when I can afford it again since apparently they're in the $40 range.

Johan Santana joined the other 34 Mets this year that are injured and have probably convened on the Empire State's biggest all-summer-long pool party by now instead of playing baseball.

It's official! The Youth of America love Evan Longoria. He even has an antiquated trophy to prove it.

Thanks again to The Average Joe, who by now should have received a heaping helping of Topps base cards from his want lists.

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