Monday, August 31, 2009

Cards on Cards 250th Post Spectacular

I couldn't think of a good title for this post, so I was just going to go with whatever post number this was supposed to be and call it good. It would have been a lot funnier if this was, let's say, my 257th post. I had no idea that the number I chose would seem somewhat significant. I've never really been one to talk about personal blogging milestones or anything like that. (Incidentally, I don't count my want list posts as real posts, so if you're doing the math and you actually come up with 257, that's what happened here.)

If this blog was a TV sitcom, this would be a clip show. Instead, you get to see some cards I picked up at the old hobby shop the other day when I should have been shopping for supplies.

First up is my first ever 2002 Bowman Heritage card. I have no special affinity for Tino Martinez. I just wanted a card from this set. It looks like he signs his name Constable Hertz.

I guess Topps D3 is their answer to Sportflics, except that nothing "moves" on these cards. They're hard to understand. After scanning the image, it looks like the quality of an early-'90s GIF image file.

I really like the 1973 Topps design. It just looks exactly like the era it represents to me. And I like the little player symbols in the corner. I've seen others who are less than glowing about this set. This one was only a quarter and was in pretty good shape.

These Upper Deck "retro" cards that failed to actually use old-style cardboard stock are not very interesting to me. I felt compelled to buy it, however, because it seems like the retired Cardinals players that you can get in current sets are mostly limited to Bob Gibson and Lou Brock, with perhaps the occasional Hornsby or Ozzie card.

Here's an extremely flimsy Donruss insert that was marked down from $4 to $1. It's probably worth far less than that. I was always a big Matt Morris fan.

I picked up 4 Pujols cards for $1 a piece that I'm pretty sure I don't own already. I don't understand an "update" set that looks nothing like the set it's supposedly trying to update.

This is not my favorite photo, but it's a pretty decent looking card if you can overlook the fact that his legs fade away just below the knees.

Here's Pujols from the 2006 Topps Heritage set. He looks pretty ghostly.

If Donruss and Upper Deck ever collaborated on a card design, do you think the universe would eventually implode on itself? There would be lines and mirrors everywhere, and eventually the ball players would fall into some sort of baseball card black hole. I'm not way off base here, am I?

Finally, there were a couple of Ozzie Smith cards to add to the Ozzie binder.

Ozzie is attempting the rare behind-the-back no-look low five.

I've got some more trades in the offing that I'll post about in the coming days. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me recently about sending me/trading me cards.


Brian said...

Congrats on the milestone. I look forward to the next 250.

Collective Troll said...

Yeah, like Brian said, CONGRATS on hitting number 250 and doing so steroid free!