Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 on the 5: 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights

I don't suppose this needs much of an intro. I picked up 5 packs at the local megastore about a week ago for my first look at this year's Updates & Highlights. I was tempted to buy a blaster, but once again came to my senses and remembered that you get far more cards buying the (searched) loose packs. I'll probably buy some more of this stuff next weekend just for fun, but I'm trying not to get too burned out on it as I know I'll be buying plenty of the Heritage High Series scam of a product... if it ever comes out.

Pack 1:
UH11 - Daniel Schlereth (Best known as Mark Schlereth's son so far.)
UH57 - Juan Uribe
UH21 - Matt Diaz (Diaz is a Portlander, but I never hear about him.)

UH84 - Gerardo Parra (Is this ball headed over Gerardo's head? Suave.)
UH151 - Jayson Werth All-Stars
UH110 - Justin Masterson
UH258 - Nyjer Morgan

UH73 - Sean West Gold 0153/2009

PP4 - Andrew McCutchen Propaganda Art (I love these cards.)
TTT57 - Joey Votto Topps Town
UH284 - Mark Melancon
UH288 - Jon Garland (Pictured as a Diamondback. Topps isn't up with the late season deals.)

Pack 2:
UH206 - Chris Burke
UH70 - Wilkin Ramirez (I haven't heard of most of these rookies, sadly.)
UH7 - Brayan Pena
UH41 - Xavier Paul (Yeah, another rookie... no idea.)

UH103 - Evan Longoria All-Stars
UH38 - Justin Upton All-Stars
UH161 - Andrew Bailey All-Stars (The All-Stars seem to come in waves.)

TR116 - Rick Porcello Turkey Red (It's interesting that they slapped a rookie card logo on this. Usually inserts don't get that sort of distinction.)
TTT54 - Adam Jones Topps Town

UH5 - Brian Fuentes (I scanned this especially for Erin.)
UH135 - Detroit Youth Movement Ryan Perry / Rick Porcello
UH248 - Chan Ho Park
- David Wright junk card

Pack 3:
UH56 - Wes Helms
UH233 - Ramon Santiago

UH127 - Shane Robinson (This pint-sized reserve outfielder got a cup of coffee with the Cards prior to all the mid-summer deals. I was really surprised to see him make it to this set as I'd kinda forgotten about him already.)
UH173 - David Robertson (Effective Yankee reliever who was underused in the playoffs. Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes seemed really shaky to me.)
UH156 - Heath Bell All-Stars
UH148 - Jason Bay All-Stars (I like Jason Bay and all. He's a proud ex-Portland Beaver and a proud Canadian - I'm assuming. But I kind of hope that the Red Sox spend a ton of money on resigning him because I don't think he's THAT good.)
UH227 - Edwin Jackson All-Stars

PP30 - Zack Greinke Propaganda Art
TTT62 - Russell Martin Topps Town
UH27 - Josh Reddick
UH322 - Sean Marshall

UH180 - Mariano Rivera Season Highlights (For all the haters out there. Well... couldn't they have picked a better angle for this shot?)

Pack 4:
UH44 - Seth Smith (Seth Smith was on one of my fantasy teams last season, which goes to show how thin the talent pool was.)
UH241 - DeWayne Wise (Yeah, the crazy catch guy...)

UH114 - Chris Coghlan (Coghlan came out of nowhere to likely capture the NL Rookie of the Year honors.)
UH249 - Brian McCann All-Stars
UH240 - Jason Marquis All-Stars (I can't believe this guy was an All-Star. With the game in St. Louis, no less. Where he couldn't even make the playoff roster...)
UH2 - Felipe Lopez
UH266 - Jonathan Broxton (This post is lousy with Dodgers, as usual.)

UH76 - Scott Rolen Gold 0076/2009 (Scott looks really enthusiastic about wearing the wrong red team's gear.)
TTT55 - Vernon Wells Topps Town Gold
UH310 - Scott Richmond

UH262 - Jeff Niemann (Speaking of enthusiasm...)
UH141 - Jason Hammel

Pack 5:
UH32 - Kris Medlen (Another unknown rookie guy.)
UH45 - Brad Ausmus (Dodger. They paid him money?)
UH29 - Rich Hill
UH315 - Jerry Hairston Jr.
UH123 - Ryan Braun All-Stars

UH235 - Joe Nathan All-Stars

LLP-26 - Steve Carlton Legends of the Game Platinum (Wal-Mart) (Nice! Best card of the bunch.)
TTT63 - Jose Reyes Topps Town
UH271 - Frank Catalanotto

UH50 - Gary Sheffield (I show this because it pays tribute to Gary Sheffield on his final Topps card. At least, that's what I'm hoping for. Gary? Please retire. Thanks. You're kind of obnoxious.)
UH270 - Dominican Dandies David Ortiz / Alex Rodriguez (Yes, the card is really titled Dominican Dandies. I would have scanned it, but I've already hit my PED quota on the blog for the month.)
UH25 - Orlando Hudson (Another Dodger... but apparently not for long?)


Brian said...

That Rolen card is NOT a good one to show kids if you're trying to teach them how to field a ball. It's the eyes man!
I've got a few of these for you out of my blaster.

Two different Franklins (187,285)
Julio Lugo (327)
Mark DeRosa (280)
Plus that Scherzer TR.

dayf said...

I think Topps made the Turkey Red inserts a stealth set. There's 150 of the things, which is almost the size of the 2007 TR set. By the way, if you like Turkey Red, shoot me an e-mail. I have a ton of doubles from the '05-06 version.

night owl said...

"lousy with Dodgers"?????

Does not compute. You never use those two words in a sentence together. And I'm not talking about "with"