Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good Luck Ducks, Week 11: Storylines

There are plenty of storylines this week as the Ducks are back at home hosting the Arizona State Sun Devils. Oregon is coming off their first loss since Week 1, and their "lights out" impenetrable defense had better show up this time. I'm still stunned that the same team that held teams out of the end zone time and time again this season actually gave up 51 points to Stanford last week. They had no answer for the Cardinal. Oregon's offense came to play and was as impressive as ever, and they will need to continue their machine-like efficiency to keep the team on the Rose Bowl track. Oregon still controls their own destiny (as the media types like to say), but they will make things a whole lot easier for themselves by winning the final 3 games and that begins tonight.

Oh, and then there's the punch guy. Punchy punchy. He is no longer suspended and got time off for good behavior, apparently. Punchy is supposedly 5th on the depth chart at tailback, but I figure that the coaches will be all too tempted to use him in certain situations.

Dennis Dixon makes another appearance here because it went so well last time. If I had another card I hadn't used of a Duck defender, I would, but I don't think the D really needs anyone's help this week. They know they got beaten up and down the field and I expect them to come out and have a great game tonight.

National TV tonight on ESPN at 7:20 PM PDT. Quack quack quack.

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