Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Luck Ducks, Week 10: Fundamentals

Stanford is up next here in just a couple of hours. The former Stanford State Indians bring a power running game and a fundamentally strong running game, led by smarty pants head coach Jim Harbaugh. I believe Harbaugh is a Tecmo Super Bowl player if memory serves me. Stanford now has a tree (seriously?!) for a mascot and their team nickname is some sort of non-pluralized wimpy version of this blog's namesake.

Joey Harrington had a much maligned NFL career, but as a Duck he just won, won, won. He also had something striking in common with current QB Jeremiah Masoli: he would get amped up and would be extremely wild with his early passes. While Harrington used to fire some balls straight into the ground before he caught fire, Masoli has been known to fire darts and put holes in the chests of his receivers. With a road game looming today, it will take a much more calm and focused Masoli to... er... chop down the tree. This will be another big test for first time head coach Chip Kelly, who gets a chance to distance himself from his predecessor Mike Belotti as a strong November coach. A strong November will certainly land the Ducks in the Rose Bowl... or better!

National TV today on FSN at 12:30 PST. Go Ducks!

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