Sunday, August 15, 2010

Found Cardinals of Randomness

Let's face it: the Cardinals are really random this season. It's been really difficult to watch this team win tough games one series only to perform completely below expectations the next. The baseball season is a long one, of course, and there are always outliers. I'm not terribly concerned about Kyle Lohse's awful performance today, but it gives a road sweep against the Reds a lot less meaning when you drop a series to the rebuilding Cubs at home.

Speaking of random and unexpected, Colbey of Cardboard Collections sent over a surprise package of random Cardinals cards that he found. All of the cards featured former Cardinals, which is probably a good thing today. Once I make some progress on the 2003 Topps sets (Series 1 + 2 and the Traded set) I should really go after the Chrome set. These cards are nice!

I need more baseball shaped baseball cards in my life.

I am going to have to guess that Topps was still learning how PhotoShop works at this point. This is just awful looking. Of course, they also didn't bother putting Martinez's name on the back, but there are so many other things wrong with this photo. Colbey is doing a box break soon which may potentially include cards from this set, however, which is pretty exciting.

Finally, here's So Taguchi on a rookie card from 2002 Fleer Tradition's Update set. I got to see Taguchi's first MLB game in person, so it's nice to get cards of his from 2002 as a reminder.

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