Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not a Summer Re-Run

If you've followed this blog for awhile, you might be looking at this post and thinking that you've seen it before. I received a bunch of cards in the mail recently from Night Owl Cards and... wouldn't you know... I needed most of them. Night Owl has one of the most comprehensive want lists around, which makes trading with him very easy. I may or may not have unearthed a bunch of cards on said want list last weekend, by the way.

Here's the first black Wal-Mart card I've received from anyone in at least a year. I really need to find the Wal-Mart cards I'm missing somehow, without stepping into an actual Wal-Mart store.

I think Ryan Franklin is the most invisible closer in the entire league right now. Even though the Cardinals are in the thick of a two-team race for the NL Central crown, Franklin has seen very few save opportunities this season. He also seems to be rather terrible when he isn't getting regular work.

I'm down to only needing a few 2010 Topps base cards, at least until Updates & Highlights or whatever it's called now comes out. Motte just hit the DL recently. Can you imagine anyone getting injured with this kind of pitching motion?

Here's a great 1982 Topps card that I don't think I'd ever even seen before. I love team leader type cards.

Rick Sutcliffe is threatening to surpass all others in the Most Obnoxious Baseball Broadcaster category. He certainly has some stiff competition in the Ex-Cardinals Division in Tim McCarver, however.

Here's an example of a nice photo but a rather ridiculously strange and unnecessary concept, showing Rogers Hornsby on a 1996 Topps design as part of some new insert set from 2010 Topps Series 2.

Night Owl sent over a stack of 2006 Allen & Ginter cards, of which I have precious few. The Larry Bigbie as a Cardinal collection is growing steadily now. I wonder what kind of World Series share Bigbie was voted, especially now that we know what we know about him.

Refractor Edmonds! If you rotate your monitor and tilt it towards the light, maybe you'll see the rainbow. Maybe.

There was also a nice little stack of 1985 Fleer, a set I enjoy quite a bit. Haha, Cubs, not this year!


Charles @ Hoopography said...

- Newman, "I despise Keith Hernandez"

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night owl said...

Not comprehensive enough. I'm still trying to complete 2005, 2006 and 2007 on there. And then I have to go back and get all the late '80s oddball sets I missed.