Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Troll Box o' Fun Part 3: Large and in Charge

Did I mention that I was done with the Troll package? No? That's good, then, because here's some more.

These cards are big. You might even say... Super.

I probably didn't do them any justice, but at least I used the "large" image setting when uploading them to Blogger.

This is a 1991 Front Row Draft Picks promo strip of some sort. The Terrell Brandon photo is one of my all-time favorite (early '90s) basketball photos. I love that you get a pretty full view of the floor of The Pit. There was a huge boom of new college basketball sets in the early '90s, spurred not only by the success of cards in general but also a few pretty highly touted crops of college players. Somewhere I still have a Shaq college card if anyone wants it.

The back shows off what a Terrell Brandon Japanese card might look like. I have no idea if they ever released something like this, as I'm pretty sure they didn't last long as a company, much like most of the early-'90s startups.

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