Thursday, August 5, 2010

"O" No!!! A Bunch of Cards I Needed

No!!! I made a terribly tragic trade with Ryan of "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog a couple of weeks ago and here are the shocking results!

I sent off a bunch of wayward Orioles cards and in return I got a bunch of these ridiculous looking Sportflics ripoffs! Not only that, but all of them have creases in them! No!!! If I get 7 more of these, I will end up having the entire set!!!

No!!! This is just cruel! It's Ryan Ludwick, formerly of the St. Louis Cardinals. My interest in somewhat re-piqued in the Padres right now as they are the recipients of Ludwick's baseball services, but I also can now safely identify them as a threat to the Cardinals once the stretch run and the ensuing postseason occurs.

What is this?! Buster... Posey? He must be terrible. He sounds terrible! Dick Perez would be ashamed. I bet he is the new Chris Brown! (No, not the rapper singer.) If I get another couple dozen of these Turkey Red cards I might have them all, too!

Da Vinci? No!!! I went to his exhibit at the local science museum last year with my girlfriend, and, man... I know quite a few people who could design better contraptions than him. What's Italian for O-ver-ra-ted?

Brad Penny! A Cardinal!! No!!! What happened to his arm?! Curse you, Topps, for ruining Penny's season by correctly predicting that his arm would fall off... or something would detach from his person. Jerks!!! I ended up with like 80 of these Allen & Ginter cards. I'm running out of space in here! Why do people keep sending me these cards? No!!!


Ryan said...

I'm not really sure what happened to the 2020's. They came straight out of packs and right into the box until I sent them to you. Say it with me Topps.... "Quality Control"

dayf said...