Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Search Packs (And So Can You, Too)

On Sunday afternoon, I was strolling through a big box store for the first time in quite awhile, searching for a nice pair of flip-flops. I figured I may as well see what was going on in the trading card aisle, and somehow convinced myself to buy a $4.99 "value pack" of the brand new 2010 Topps 206. I'm not really sure I understand this set, as the original "206" set was a tobacco card set that bore little to no resemblance to today's "vintage" product. That being said, I think I could get really into this set anyway if all of the cards were tobacco "mini" size instead of just one per pack.

In any case, I talked myself into buying the pack because the first pack I picked up clearly had a Cardinal (Matt Holliday) showing through the top of the wrapper. As I leafed through other packs to decide what else to buy, I finally noticed another pack that also had Holliday showing as well as Albert Pujols on the back. Nice luck, yeah? Let's see what else there was.

56 - Nick Markakis (I actually don't mind the design. It's fairly clear and crisp, but I still can't fully wrap my head around it. And, admittedly, the "no hats" thing is really strange.)

86 - Chris Carpenter (Whoa! Carp! This makes 3 Cardinals since I know I'm already getting 2 by peeking through the wrapper.)

222 - Tom Seaver Piedmont Mini (Minis are nice, and I can't complain about Tom Seaver.)

I would guess that Piedmont backs are the most common variety of mini as they were last year.

153 - Ryan Braun (Clearly the Topps copy writer isn't getting paid by the letter.)

190 - Kenshin Kawakami

180 - Gil Meche

221 - Albert Pujols (Albert looks really... mad.)

1 - Matt Holliday (Holliday is affectionately known as "Lego" around a certain popular Cardinals blog community because his head somewhat resembles the bald knobby head of a Lego person.)

78 - Placido Polanco Bronze (Mr. Potato Head!)

249 - Rick Ankiel (Ankiel didn't log many games in a Royals uniform and had long since been dealt to Atlanta before this set hit the streets.)

232 - Joe Saunders

15 - Mordecai Brown (If this guy wasn't so old-timey, I wouldn't have let him violate my no-Cubs images policy.)

I won't be collecting this set, but the cards look a bit nicer than expected and I'm happy to have three fewer Cardinals cards to chase.


dayf said...

That's how I got my Heyward! The wrappers are practically transparent.

Anonymous said...

Mordecai's uniform is SWEET! FYI, back in the day, most cranks knew him as "Miner" Brown. "Three Finger" wasn't as popular.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so not diggin' the "no-hat" thing. It's kinda like the model thing. There was a time that I loved Anna Nicole Smith...then I heard her talk. Same thing with the hats. I just don't want to see all of the receding hair lines. It's bad enough that I have my own.

BA Benny said...

Nice pack you scored. I gotta agree wit not liking the no hat thing, kinda makes most of them look like mug shots.