Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tecmo Super Sundays: Week 1

Okay, I'll admit it: I like football. I may even like NFL football. I'm convinced, however, that professional football was never greater than it was in 1991, during the heyday of Tecmo Super Bowl. This weekly feature will feature, weekly (weakly?), an NFL player of Tecmo lore as well as my feeble attempts to stay interested in present day activities now that I don't really have a team to follow.

Tecmo Player Rating: 295 (88th percentile)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a Tecmo screen cap of Willie, so you'll have to settle for his starring role on the '85 Bears. He's #83 in your program.

Willie... or won't he?

Game to watch this week: Atlanta @ Pittsburgh. Ex-Duck Dennis Dixon takes the helm of a team I usually don't care for, giving me a reason to root for someone at least until that creep Roethlisberger is allowed back on the field.

(I have a ridiculous amount of junk wax era football cards. If you're interested in helping me reduce my collection and obtaining some cards from the Tecmo era, please drop me a line.)


moremonkeys138 said...

Tecmo Super Bowl is so AWESOME!!

TJ said...

Tecmo era. That's a great description of that time. I think I might have to download it on the Wii tonight.

TSHenson said...

You can save any of the Steelers for me for another trade if you wish.