Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tecmo Super Sundays: Week 3

With Dennis Dixon going down to a knee injury last week, I am once again without a team to root for. The Eagles buried themselves even further in my doghouse by naming Michael Vick the starter for the indefinite future while threatening to run Kevin Kolb out of town. Kolb, incidentally, was the only reason the Eagles felt trading Donovan McNabb was a smart idea... the morons.

Tecmo Player Rating: 295 (90th percentile)

The late, great Jerome Brown was my go-to guy on defense for my go-to team. He died in a senseless tragedy during the prime of his career, but that didn't stop me from busting out the occasional "you just got sacked... from beyond the grave!" comments during particularly heated games. I'm a relentless pash rusher (which leaves me open to being burned in the secondary), and Brown happens to line up at the linebacker spot that I prefer to rush from. He's actually a defensive tackle, but whatever.

Game to watch this week:
Dallas @ Houston. Here's to hoping that Dallas goes 0-3 on the season. This should be tremendously hilarious.

(I have a ridiculous amount of junk wax era football cards. If you're interested in helping me reduce my collection and obtaining some cards from the Tecmo era, please drop me a line.)

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