Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blaster From The Present-ish

I picked this blaster up over the weekend at K-Mart. (Yes, those still exist, apparently.) The design of the box is different from the ones I usually see at Target in that it's not prepriced (meaning that certain, unscrupulous sporting goods chains can mark up the usual retail price of these things without being super obvious) and some of the sample cards are arranged differently. No Cardinals were harmed in the opening of this blaster. In fact, there were no Cards on cards in this box at all.

Pack 1:
88 - Kosuke Fukudome (The thought that the Cubs might get rid of this guy is kind of hilarious considering the huge deal that was made over his arrival.)
103 - Niccolo Machiavelli
292 - Chris Pettit (This is officially the card I've pulled the most from this set.)

339 - Ben Sheets (It's easy for me to forget about Ben Sheets.)

35 - John Lackey Mini
TDH57 - Miguel Tejada This Day in History
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Pack 2:
4 - Prince Fielder
107 - Adam Dunn
85 - Yunel Escobar (Rough year for this guy.)
41 - Daniel Hudson

MM24 - Carnotaurus Monsters of the Mesozoic Mini (Dinosaur card! I still need lots of these. Let me guess... this guy loves meat!)

TDH49 - Justin Morneau This Day in History

Pack 3:
250 - Magglio Ordonez
83 - David Wright
321 - Carlos Gomez

341 - Jon Garland (Two minis in the same pack?)

273 - David DeJesus Mini A&G Back (It looks like DeJesus is doing some crazy dance.)
TDH46 - Yovani Gallardo This Day in History

Pack 4:
202 - Aramis Ramirez
274 - Nick Markakis (Markakis was pretty disappointing in 2010. For some reason I thought he was injured, but it turns out he was just underwhelming.)
194 - Nyjer Morgan (There's playing the game "the right way" and then there's Nyjer Morgan.)
41 - Daniel Hudson (Again? Come on, this isn't 1994.)

NA32 - Bulldog National Animals Mini
TDH37 - Ichiro Suzuki This Day in History

Pack 5:
117 - Neil Walker (Useful Pirates player, which means he'll be traded soon enough.)
62 - Matt Kemp
340 - Brad Lidge

327 - Vernon Wells (Double SPs again?)

CLMJ6 - Paul Bunyan Creatures of Legend, Myth & Joy (Joy! There's a giant Paul Bunyan statue in North Portland that's pretty amazing/ridiculous.)
TDH23 - Dan Haren This Day in History (I was disappointed to see Haren dealt to the Junior Circuit, but at least there will be fewer reminders for me of the winning end of the Mulder deal.)

Pack 6:
289 - Hanley Ramirez
56 - Shin-Soo Choo

38 - Tiago Della Vega (This kid looks like one of my neighbors.)
251 - Chase Headley
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LO9 - Artemis Lords of Olympus Mini
TDH12 - Andre Ethier This Day in History

Pack 7:
207 - Wandy Rodriguez
24 - Brandon Webb
224 - Ian Stewart
342 - Erik Bedard (Only one SP? But now I'm spoiled!)
111 - Josh Willingham Mini A&G Back
TDH2 - Stephen Drew This Day in History

Pack 8:
170 - Adrian Gonzalez

120 - Nick Swisher (I'm not a big Swisher fan, but here's to a little Yankees luck...)
282 - Tyson Ross (No idea who this is. He sounds like a reality show contestant.)
12 - Jesus Flores

SSS8 - Henry Hudson Sailors of the Seven Seas
TDH19 - Robinson Canooooooooo

Well, that wasn't all bad. At least I needed about half of the cards. I've updated my want list with the contents of this break and still am in the process of adding the cards that I received in the mail yesterday. Thanks, guys!

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The Notorious B.U.D. said...

The Paul Bunyan is a case hit--nice pull!