Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tipoff Time - Part Two

Here's part two of the blaster I started late Monday night. 22 packs for 12.99 is a great deal for just about anything these days.

Pack 12:
9 - Richard Hamilton (He wears his mask to bed.)
38 - Jose Calderon
NBA-JH - J.J. Hickson Throwback Classics Jersey (Hey, check it out! #23 for the Cavs! Uh... J.J. Hickson? "NBA Rookie Photo Shoot memorabilia"? Ehhhhh.)
20 - Hedo Turkoglu (After spurning the Blazers in the '09 offseason, Hedo has extremely unspectacular. He toiled for a year in his beloved Toronto and didn't impress against the Blazers last night in his first game with Phoenix.)
95 - Dwyane Wade

Pack 13:
106 - Luke Walton
180 - Al Thorton (Not to be confused with Al Horford, Al Jefferson or Al Iverson.)
181 - Cuttino Mobley
144 - Jason Kidd

53 - Josh Smith (Ferocious dunker. The Raptors guy in the background looks absolutely mortified, even though Smith is probably just going to bank in a layup.)

5 - Rajon Rondo (I'm banking on this guy to build on his playoff success and have a big season because he's on my fantasy team.)
60 - Troy Murphy
45 - Andre Iguodala

Pack 14:
107 - Sasha Vujacic
183 - Corey Brewer
169 - Bobby Brown (Don't be cruel.)

236 - Derrick Rose / Michael Beasley / O.J. Mayo (This year's Fleer version of the Bird/Magic/Erving classic 1980-81 Topps card, I suppose, although these guys haven't all lived up to their potential yet for a variety of reasons.)
72 - Kirk Hinrich
75 - Gerald Wallace
82 - Andrew Bogut
64 - Sean Williams

Pack 15:

109 - Chris Paul (Chris Paul is like Ichiro is for me in baseball. I get his cards a lot it seems.)
105 - Lamar Odom
187 - Mike Miller (I almost drafted this guy, but am glad now that I didn't since he's going to be out for awhile.)

86R-175 - Anthony Randolph '86 Rookies
79 - Adam Morrison (Thank goodness the Blazers didn't "Draft the 'Stache".)
30 - Caron Butler
87 - Charlie Bell
92 - Quentin Richardson (The doubles are starting to pile up.)

Pack 16:
193 - Marko Jaric

168 - Steve Blake (The former Blazer hit the game deciding shot last night for... ugh... nevermind. I don't want to talk about it.)
194 - Javaris Crittenton (Gilbert Arenas's gun-totin' locker room buddy.)

99 of 132 - Kevin Martin '88
19 - Jameer Nelson
24 - Zydrunas Ilgauskas (Greg Oden can surely look at Big Z for some comfort as he gets ready to return to the court once again. This big man missed nearly four of his first five seasons, but suddenly became very reliable beginning in '02.)
23 - LeBron James
89 - Eddy Curry

Pack 18:
111 - Peja Stojakovic
162 - C.J. Watson
184 - Randy Foye (Minnesota traded Brandon Roy on draft day to get this guy. Ouch!)

86R-178 - Roy Hibbert '86 Rookies
57 - T.J. Ford
61 - Jeff Foster
31 - Brendan Haywood
80 - Jared Dudley

Pack 19:
115 - Tony Parker (It'll be interesting to see how good the Spurs are this year. Even the usually lousy Western Conference teams this year look tough.)
110 - Hilton Armstrong

149 - Erick Dampier
208 - Joe Alexander
6 - Leon Powe
26 - Anderson Varejao
4 - Glen Davis (I could see a Big Baby and Shaq sitcom or reality show in the works.)
90 - Stephon Marbury

Pack 20:
188 - Sebastian Telfair (One reason to be glad that you can't draft players straight out of high school anymore.)

166 - Brandon Roy (A healthy Brandon Roy is a good thing for the Blazers. Oceans are wet.)
190 - Rudy Gay

123 of 132 - Kevin Garnett All-Star '88 (This is supposed to be based on the '88-'89 design and even has the same backs as the rest, but it uses a '89-'90 design for the front of the card. This is pretty ill-conceived.)
74 - Larry Hughes
66 - Keyon Dooling
47 - Louis Williams
10 - Jason Maxiell

Pack 21:
197 - Chris Wilcox (Bring back the Sonics! Do something worthwhile for once, David Stern, instead of coercing the refs into calling strangely picky technical fouls. Also, stop running your league like the mafia only to turn around and whine about how many teams are losing money.)
177 - Chris Kaman
203 - O.J. Mayo

86R-167 - Kevin Love '86 Rookies (Love would have been a hero in this state had he chosen to stick around and play basketball at Oregon or even Oregon State, but instead he's met with indifference at best.)
100 - Dorell Wright
18 - Rashard Lewis
11 - Tayshaun Prince
58 - Mike Dunleavy

Pack 22:
172 - Francisco Garcia
117 - Manu Ginobili (Can he stay healthy for an entire season?)
174 - John Salmons

SS-11 - Leandro Barbosa Sharp Shooters (A pretty slick looking insert that reminds me of an early-'90s design.)
16 - Maurice Evans
51 - Al Horford
33 - DeShawn Stevenson
48 - Thaddeus Young

That's it, everyone. It's back to baseball around here for the most part. Hopefully I still have a few readers left.

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Charles @ Hoopography said...

That looks like a fun blaster. I like all the dif designs and not a bad jersey card. All in all, not bad for $12.99.