Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tipoff Time (One More Time)

It's that time of year again! No, not THAT time of year, but this time. Only this year, not like last year. I found this lovely thing sitting neglected on a lower shelf at some large super store chain out in the suburbs. I know this isn't baseball cards, but at 22 packs for only $12.99, this could have NASCAR drivers on it for all I care. Actually, no...

Here's the first half of the box, to which I strategically repositioned the sale price sticker so we wouldn't have to look at this clown's face. And... dare I say... Go Blazers! I'm heading out to the Rose Garden after work tonight to catch the opening game against the Suns, the very team that knocked them out of the playoffs last season. The schedule-makers like to do that sort of thing.

The first two packs were of the all-glossy parallel variety, with a twist in that the borders are bronze-ish. Surprisingly, they didn't even bother with a wrapper and just wrapper the glossy packs in clear plastic.

Pack 1:
87 - Charlie Bell
92 - Quentin Richardson (Does he still do the horns thing? Does Darius Miles?)

23 - LeBron James (What an unbelievable pile of waste. I'm just showing this off in case anyone out there actually likes him and wants his card. I have a few others.)
89 - Eddy Curry
128 - Ronnie Brewer
191 - Kyle Lowry
148 - Brandon Bass

208 - Joe Alexander (The rookie cards are clearly made before there was any game action for them to take place in. I suppose this is better than the draft day pics that they used to use back in the day.)

Pack 2:
70 - Ben Gordon
85 - Ramon Sessions (Does he really pronounce his name Ruh-MAWN? Who decided this?)
31 - Brendan Haywood
80 - Jared Dudley (No relation to the former Blazers center turned gubernatorial candidate.)
123 - Deron Williams
142 - Raja Bell

195 - Kevin Durant (Durant's a huge star these days. What's up with that crazy looking uniform that he's wearing?)

MJ-2 - Michael Jordan Retrospective

Pack 3:

163 - LaMarcus Aldridge (Back to the regular design here. Nice to get a Blazer right off the bat. I keep hearing good things about the L-Train lately. Hopefully they'll translate to good regular season results.)
119 - Kurt Thomas
114 - Morris Peterson

245 - J.R. Giddens / Walter Sharpe / Joey Dorsey (In a nod to the classic 1980-1981 Topps basketball cards, they printed some rookies in a three-player strip. I think these are short printed.)
94 - David Lee (The subject of just about every conceivable trade rumor, Lee finally switched teams and headed to the Bay Area this offseason.)
14 - Antonio McDyess
54 - Marvin Williams
36 - Andrea Bargnani

Pack 4:
154 - J.R. Smith (Likes to dunk.)
147 - Jason Terry
141 - Boris Diaw (Confusing player who can play every position.)

86R-185 - Darrell Arthur '86 Rookies (Fleer has really milked this design over the years.)
42 - Elton Brand
15 - Keith Bogans

12 - Rasheed Wallace (How could you not love this face?)
34 - Nick Young

Pack 5:
192 - Hakim Warrick
175 - Mikki Moore (Pronounced like Mikey but looks like it should sound like Mickey.)
186 - Rashad McCants
130 - Tracy McGrady

78 - Raymond Felton (Ladies and gentlemen... your new New York Knicks starting point guard.)
63 - Yi Jianlian
43 - Samuel Dalembert
84 - Michael Redd

Pack 6:
178 - Shaun Livingston
131 - Yao Ming

224 - George Hill

2 of 132 - Al Horford '88 (This is another insert based on the 1988-89 Fleer design. I like this design better than the '86 one, to be honest. I know, that's probably blasphemy.)
55 - Acie Law IV
93 - Nate Robinson
21 - Anthony Johnson
8 - Chauncey Billups

Pack 7:
189 - Mike Conley
200 - Desmond Mason
120 - Bruce Bowen
86R-188 - J.R. Giddens '86 Rookies
83 - Charlie Villanueva
25 - Delonte West (Lock up your mothers!)

29 - Gilbert Arenas (Not a very normal guy. He strongly resembles the actor Jesse L. Martin.)
27 - Daniel Gibson

Pack 8:
132 - Luis Scola (For legal reasons, I am not allowed to show Scola's hair on this blog. Be grateful.)
145 - Josh Howard

215 - Robin Lopez (Lopez represents the enemy in tonight's game. At least they don't have 'A'm'a'r'e' anymore.)

AS-24 - Tracy McGrady All-Star Sensations (McGrady took a pretty steep fall from prominence. He's been in the league a long time, but he's only 31.)
91 - Zach Randolph
98 - Alonzo Mourning

46 - Andre Miller (Second current Blazer of the box.)
41 - Jamario Moon

Pack 9:
173 - Brad Miller (Hugely unlikable.)

136 - Grant Hill
116 - Tim Duncan
125 - Kyle Korver
37 - Chris Bosh
50 - Zaza Pachulia
88 - Jamal Crawford
62 - Vince Carter

Pack 10:
198 - Damian Wilkins
152 - Allen Iverson (I read earlier that he's going to play in Turkey for a couple of years. He must really, really not like coming off the bench.)
223 - Kosta Koufos

86R-171 - Brook Lopez '86 Rookies (The other, better Lopez twin. They kind of creep me out.)
39 - Jermaine O'Neal
96 - Daequan Cook
40 - Anthony Parker
52 - Joe Johnson (I think that's something like 10 Hawks already.)

Pack 11:
129 - Shane Battier
146 - Jerry Stackhouse (THE Jerry Stackhouse.)
134 - Carl Landry
101 - Kobe Bryant
67 - Josh Boone
28 - Maurice Williams
65 - Devin Harris (Another message board trade favorite. Why did ESPN have to invent that stupid trade machine anyway?)

69 - Luol Deng

Part 2 will be up fairly soon... too soon, I'm sure, for most of you baseball fans.


Play at the Plate said...

I bought one of those blasters a while back. I think I sent just about all of the cards to Big D.

TSHenson said...

I am not a huge basketball card collector, and unlike most people in Ohio, I don't hate Lebron James, so if you want to depart of his cards, they could make a home in my collection. Thanks...