Sunday, March 11, 2012

5 on the 5: 2006 Bazooka (Part 2)

Last week, I posted about some 2006 Bazooka packs, the first five of ten hobby packs that I purchased in an effort to restart my efforts towards collecting the set. Here's the second bunch in another installation of "5 on the 5".

Pack 6:
96 - Edgar Renteria Blue Fortune
192 - Jon Garland Gold Chunk

20 of 55 - Francisco Rodriguez / Billy Wagner / Huston Street / Joe Nathan 4 in 1 (All relievers, three of which are still active.)
137 - Jim Edmonds (I think I may have this in triplicate, but I'm still always going to post images of Edmonds when I get his cards.)
48 - Cliff Floyd
80 - Jeff Francoeur
30 - Jason Kendall
101 - Troy Glaus (For some reason I expected Troy Glaus to give it another go at some point, but he hasn't played since 2010.)

Pack 7:
103 - Aramis Ramirez Blue Fortune
202 - Chuck James Gold Chunk

24 of 30 - Alfonso Soriano Stamp (I know I received a comment on my last post asking if I was collecting the stamp cards. Unfortunately, I'm collecting everything in this set aside from any relics and what have you.
204 - Darrell Rasner (I don't even remember who he is. I guess I was collecting in 2006, but not at anywhere near the extent I would be later.)
70 - Eric Chavez
187 - Omar Vizquel

68 - Jose Reyes (I have a feeling that the Miami Marlins are going to be my new least favorite NL team. They are just so awful to look at.)
102 - Aaron Rowand

Pack 8:

207 - Joe Saunders Blue Fortune
174 - Jose Vidro Gold Chunk

16 of 30 - Mickey Mantle Stamp (I'm always a little bit puzzled when I pull a Mantle card because in so many sets he's the only retired player. It just seems weird.)
61 - Luis Gonzalez
112 - Chris Capuano
93 - Joe Crede
40 - J.D. Drew (I think people will always view Drew as having had a disappointing career, but he certainly wasn't a bust.)
176 - Toby Hall

140 - Rafael Furcal

Pack 9:

29 - Mike Piazza Blue Fortune

BBA-DW - Dontrelle Willis Pitching Basics Jersey (Ah, the pinstripe is a nice touch. Any takers?)

49 of 55 - Richie Sexson / Paul Casey / Chad Tracy / Lyle Overbay (Ah, the stars of yesteryear. Well, maybe stars isn't quite the right word...)
12 - Magglio Ordonez
162 - Randy Winn
9 - Travis Hafner

97 - Roy Halladay (In 2006, Halladay was still vastly underrated and under-appreciated.)
8 - Adam Dunn (I'm sure Dunn would like to pretend 2011 never happened, as would a few White Sox fans.)

Pack 10:

9 - Travis Hafner Blue Fortune
40 - J.D. Drew Gold Chunk

21 of 55 - Melvin Mora / Morgan Ensberg / Scott Rolen / Eric Chavez (I'll have to check to see if I need this for my Cardinals collection.)
128 - Carlos Delgado

2 - Scott Podsednik
61 - Luis Gonzalez
137 - Jim Edmonds (Again.)
48 - Cliff Floyd
80 - Jeff Francoeur (This seems... familiar.)

My wants and trades will be updated shortly. I don't have a ton of Bazooka cards to spare, but if you can help out I may have some cards from other sets or teams that you like. Let's try, why not?


Laurens said...

The K-Rod card actually features Ervin Santana...good job Topps!

Erin said...

this is my favorite set. thanks for collecting it for me! hehehee