Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kirby Puckett Wants YOU to Play Fantasy Baseball

It's that time a year again! It's the time of year where all your based-ball related fantasies play out over tables of meticulously scrutinized data, all for mere bragging rights over your friends-turned-enemies. To make a long story short, some friends of mine are short a few participants in a fantasy baseball league that we do every year and time is running short. Please leave a comment here or send me an email if you might be interested in joining up with a NL-only, head-to-head league that ohbytheway just happens to be holding its draft tomorrow night. Before you go off all commenting half-cocked, here are some things to think about in bulletpointed fashion:
  • Like any good fantasy league, in order to be successful you must actually commit to playing out the full season. This is probably the most difficult thing about fantasy leagues in general.
  • You'd just be playing for bragging rights over people you've probably never met and never will meet. That being said, there's something to be said for "winning the internet" as the kids say these days.
  • If you are interested, it's possible that the slots will fill up anyway and we won't be able to invite you. That being said, all participants are welcome. I will try my best to get back to you by the end of today if there is a spot for you, so you have some time to prepare for tomorrow night's draft (7:15 PM PDT). I appreciate everyone that reads and comments on the blog (especially you, mighty spambot overlords) and it would be fun to be able to compete against you over the next six months.
Now that that bit of business is out of the way, here are some trading cards brought to you by reader Kary from WI. Kary sent over some crucial 1985 Fleer needs, including Kirby Puckett's rookie card, Mike Schmidt and Dale Murphy. There were more, too, but I'm just name dropping here.

The other half of the package was a bunch of Blazers basketball blasts from the past. It's been a rough season for the current Portland squad, but that doesn't stop these late '70s/early '80s gems from being a funky smash. Also, there really needs to be a retro uniform night featuring the classic lowercase home jerseys.

Here's a sweet sky hook from Ronnie Brewer's father, Ronnie Brewer.

Who doesn't miss the Sonics? Downtown Freddie Brown forever!

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