Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ginter Winter

Even though summer is officially Allen & Ginter season, it feels like I acquired a lot more A&G cards this past winter than I did when you could easily find the stuff on the shelf. Reader Steve from IL was one of the many who sent packages my way containing Ginter cards that I needed for my various sets. He's a big reason why I am finally, yes, FINALLY done with a set that I started collecting through the blog. The 2010 set is more or less in the books, though I am still seeking inserts, minis and the like. Just check the link(s) on the sidebar if you have something you feel like getting rid of.

I'm not in much of a baseball mood tonight, so Buster Posey is the only baseball guy you're going to see. Instead, you get Carl Linnaeus, classification enthusiast.

The first modern battleship! Chock full of teak, apparently!

Spanish for "little cow", the vaquita is considered the world's most endangered marine mammal.

From cute, rare little porpoises to murder homes. Axe murder homes!

Thanks again to Steve for the trade.

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  1. Madding,
    I just 3 of those 4 cards this past week, too... Any time of the year is Ginter time!!!! Cheers!


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