Monday, March 26, 2012

Better Than a Blaster: Bazooka Blasts

I'm trying to make a conscious effort in 2012 to reallocate what I feel I would normally spend on a blaster on something I'm a little more interested in. Now that Heritage is apparently out, I'm sure I will spend some cash on that set, but there isn't much else being released this year that I'm truly excited about. I've only purchased a grand total of 5 base 2012 Topps packs this year and I did break down and buy some Opening Day cards.

As mentioned earlier on this blog, I bought some loose hobby packs of 2006 Bazooka online - 10 to be exact. I went back to the same seller and picked up 10 more. This time I will spare everyone the gory details and just post a few images here and there rather than the blow-by-blow account.

Here's Michael Morse from his previous life as a Mariners organizational spare part.

It seems really weird to get Barry Bonds cards in packs now. This was at the most ridiculous point in Barry's career, where he apparently was so fatigued from being hulked up all the time that he couldn't bear to stand on his own.

Fausto is now known as the much less interesting Roberto Hernandez, and may or may not pitch again for the Tribe. I wonder if Bazooka Joe was sad to learn of the fate of one of his 220 favorite players.

It's equally as weird to get Clemens cards in this day and age. I wonder if and when Clemens will be welcomed back into baseball in some capacity.

Chipper Jones is one of the few players still around that was drafted when I was in high school. It looks like this season will be his last, which means he'll get to do that whole farewell tour thing that Bobby Cox did awhile back.

It's actually kind of frustrating that Roy Oswalt decided to play chicken with the Cardinals (and others) only to eventually settle on sitting out the first couple of months of the season. I'll just cross my fingers and hope that Lance Lynn is good and the rest of the back of the Cardinals rotation is not terrible while we wait on the end of Chris Carpenter's indefinite hiatus.

Stickers! On a card!

This is a pretty good "hit" as far as 2006 "hits" go. I could have easily ended up with Mark Prior or something. This makes two hits in the 20 packs I've purchased from this seller. It's nice to know that someone out there isn't searching their packs, not that there's probably much of a market for 2006 Bazooka memorabilia.

It's time to update the want list again.


  1. Not too shabby. I'll have a package out to you this week.

  2. Would you be willing to trade the Bautista? email me at

    marauderx [at] rocketmail [dot] com

    if you want to work out a trade for it


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