Monday, December 3, 2012

A Repack Meant For Me (and More Trade Bait)

Never try to seek out baseball cards at Toys 'R Us. I learned that lesson yesterday while out on a spontaneous shopping trip. Topps base blasters for $25.99? $13.99 for one of those mini boxes that contains a guaranteed code card and really not much else? Dusty old repack packages for $24.99? Seriously? Of course, this made me schedule an unplanned trip to Target where I picked up a $7.99 Fairfield repack and some Topps Update looseys.

These repacks are a bit more for the budget conscious like myself, promising 4 unopened packs (2 showing) and a "bonus box" of 50 random cards. The four packs didn't contain anything noteworthy, although I got a needed code parallel from the 2011 Ginter set. It was the bonus box that contained the true goodies, like the orange refractor Yadier Molina card. Erin's Yadi collection is finally up to date and Zistle-ified, so you can click the link now and see exactly which cards she has. (No Zistle account required.) I plan on getting all of my player collections as well as Erin's up to date in the relatively near future.

Aside from the Yadi card, everything in this post is very much up for grabs. Are there any Jose Canseco collectors out there? Do people collect him ironically? (Does anyone collect any player's stuff as an amusement tactic?)

It's always nice to find an oddball card or two in these things.

There were a bunch of 1987 Topps cards in the box, to no great surprise, but also included were a handful of the All-Star glossy inserts. I remember the All-Star glossy sets being impossible to put together because people would hoard unopened packs showing so-called star players on the front, as if they were going to be worth a fortune.

I wonder what Rickey is up to these days.

This card missed the Nolan Ryan extravaganza post that I put together awhile back. I still have a number of Ryan cards left if anyone needs them.

I don't even know what this monstrosity is. I doubt I would be allowed in a government building with this on my person, considering that it's all metal... and thick.

This is just a nice early photo of Sheff.

As mentioned, I also picked up 5 more packs of Topps Update. I have been on a Royals spree lately.

These golden whatever parallels just get worse with age.

I didn't know that Albert Belle had joined the select group of retired players that Topps seems to grind out cards of these days.

Pudge is another reminder of the Marlins free-spending-just-kidding ways, as he came in for the team's title season in 2003 and was gone before the next season started.

Topps should really have a wide panel of card collectors approve their insert designs before they print and release these things to the masses.

I'm not sure what to say about Justin Morneau. He's on a baseball card. And it's up for grabs.

For some reason, the Baseball Times doesn't deliver to my house.

Since winning the World Series, Whiteside has already been waived twice by two different teams. He now calls Toronto his home. Maybe.


  1. Hey, I know just what you mean regarding the Toys R Us cards. I wonder what the marketing strategy was for that one: "OK, guys, mark all the card packages up $5 to increase profits!" Oh well.

  2. I'd be interested in the 2012 mini's and blockbusters. I'll check your lists.


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