Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Trade in the Dark

Wandering through a dark room and picking up a stack of cards, almost at random - that's how I came up with tonight's post. Sometimes it just has to be done. I have a lot of trade posts to catch up on, which is not exactly a new thing, but this one was a shiny gemerald that was calling to me tonight even though I couldn't see a thing. My Cardboard Mistress and I exchanged cards last month (and plan to do so again soon), and here are some of the fruits of this exchange.

David Freese is on ice. Silver Ice. And the Disabled List. That's tough. Apparently his back froze up a bit and he's been told to cool off for the first 10 days or so of the season. He's just going to chill for now while his ABs go to Daniel Descalso or possibly even Ryan Jackson. Ryan Jackson?

Foilboard cards scan for crap and I still keep slapping them on my scanner tray, like this time is really going to be the time that it turns out awesome. It didn't. Eric Davis was part of the parade of former '80s/early '90s stars that joined the Cardinals towards the end of their careers when Tony La Russa had secured his spot in the dugout.

St. Louis is desperate for some offense at 2B right now, which is why they are converting Matt Carpenter to the position. It doesn't suggest nice things about Kolten Wong's prospects, but he's still very young and could  still develop further.

Yes, what you're looking at here is a Duck Bipping. This might have been one of the most effective Bippings (Bips?) ever, as I was truly excited when I pulled out the first Darron Thomas card. I had zero cards of the former Ducks QB who had virtually no chance to make it as a pro, but I knew that at least one of his cards existed. Every five or so cards in the package was this same card, which was pretty hilarious. By the way, this is what happened to the Leaf brand name. It was purchased and resurrected by some fourth rate hack card company upstart, who somehow has a big signing deal with Damian Lillard right now. It now has nothing to do with any of the brands like Donruss (or Playoff?) that Panini owns. 

Back to Cardinals cards, with this Upper Deck insert that foretold the future in a way. Even though Vladdy is long gone, Pujols eventually became an Angel and isn't even looking all that strange in their uniforms. Maybe it's the red thing.

Scott Rolen is still looking for work. David Freese is on the DL. Just sayin'. (I'm sighing and looking wistfully at my Jim Edmonds World Series photo now. DON'T JUDGE.)

Oh, it's this guy again. Well, this is a fine card all in all, unless it's really a piece of some Foot Locker employee's gym shorts. In which case, it's amazing, obviously! I don't have many Pujols memorabilia cards, so this will fit right into my collection nicely.


  1. Glad you like them. The Darron Thomas cards were set aside for you quite some time ago. I'm glad you enjoyed them!

  2. The Lou Brock Card at the top and the Pujols Spectrum Jersey card is pretty sweet Definetly some solid trades....Not A Cards fan but love the blog, Check mine out going to be showing off my collection coming up soon http://truschoolsports.blogspot.com/


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